Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mixed Month Posts for August 2016 - Bulletin

May be it was olympics or the busy schedule I have been going through or may be just laziness per say; I think I missed writing for almost a month.  When I turn back there has been so much that transpired in India as well as world that I really got confused at which topic to select from. So I decided to do a catch up act for the purpose of ensuring that my article doesn't go out of shape.  There would be different parts in which I would like to cover various topics that I would have written if I would not have missed the bus....Read On

  1. We all heard that Secretary of State John Kerry visited India and was stuck in traffic snarls for an hour or so.  Now, while addressing the crowd at IIT Delhi, he mocked if they all made it to the venue by boat.  Interesting to note and it seems John Kerry forgot the Snow Storm that hit the East Coast couple years back, wish somebody would have asked him if he made it to his office on sledge.  However, jokes apart, we need to focus more on the water logging problem in Delhi and the mess of the stuff by the State Government v/s Central Government Control there.  It needs to be looked at as the failure to deliver and failure to govern.  I have lived in NCR for quite sometime, but never saw such a mess of state before this.  When I looked at the Pictures and Videos, it seemed to me as if they were to be from Mumbai.  However, Mumbai would declare such scenario before hand with declared school holiday, travel only if required advisory etc.  But Delhi, am sure has to learn a lot after seeing such deluge. Thankfully, I didn't hear any casualty news amid the mess.
  2. France  Burkini episode made heads turn with the video and images of Burkini related episodes and people started calling that as Islamophobia. Interesting that they all missed the bus and no one ever noticed the video or news on a woman being thrashed by Muslim Men for god knows what reason.  Apparently, I heard the news and am trying to get that video to put it in public domain, but then it has been a tough task.  But for sure Burkini made the headlines with all Pseudo Intellects and Pseudo Seculars in the world lining up to support a medieval period practice that is used for oppression of women.  And well, why was Burkini designed in the first place when we already had something called Wetsuit in place that divers do use, if complete body suite is must, then Wetsuit does provide the option. Isn't it in itself a way to radicalize and raise tempers? And eh, last I heard US suggested France to lift up the Burkini Hypocrisy??
  3. Piers Morgon, God knows who is he, started mocking at the India's 2 medal win at Olympics.  Why? for god knows what reason and went ahead to challenge Virender Sehwag for a bet of Rs. 1 million if UK wins a world cup before India wins (another) gold at Olympics.  he seems to have a week or no memory that India as 9 gold (8 in Hockey & 1 in Shooting) but England has no World Cup win.  They tried to claim that they won ICC T20 World Cup in 2010, whoa what a shame trying to compete on unequal grounds??  What more can be said about Piers Morgon that he needs some real life to get some facts in place.  He should not forget that for 200 years England ruled India calling it British India, they accumulated mammoth amount of wealth through trade (giving India nothing),  plundered Indian wealth the biggest example of that is Kohinoor Diamond that is part of queens' crown and also transporting millions of labors as well as soldiers from India.  Piers need to also note that even today British Army has Gurkha's as soldiers and the Gurkha's need not be citizens of England to join the Army there. So, the next time he opens his mouth, he needs to live with the fact that if he has the guts to speak some crap, we have the guts to put that crap back in his mouth.  Anyways, he seems to have suffered with Foot in Mouth disease when he tweeted all that stuff.
  4. Indian State of J&K was reeling under curfew after violence erupted post merciless killing of terrorist Burhan Wani dubbed as the son of a poor School HeadMaster by none other than nawazon se pali Burkha (oops Barkha) Dutt. What else, that the terrorist was declared Martyr by ppl from neighbor Pakistan. The violence, rioting or the violent protest by a peace loving community lasted for almost 51 days and guess where did that money come from to fund them to sit at home and enjoy paid vacations?  Per Sources crores of funds were mobilized through Hawala route and that is now being investigated by Income Tax Sleuths in India. Ah and I haven't heard much of violence in last day or two since the curfew was lifted when the State treasury had to distribute the Salaries for NOT working for almost two months.  Eh, seems protestors want to have the legal money also with them before hitting the Indian security forces once again with stones and other possible means.  It is also rumored or may be a truth that Nawazon se pali Barkha Dutt is leading the brigade to end use of Palate Bullets that hurt 5 to 15 year old in eye, nose, face and where not.  But while doing so, why does Ms. Dutt forget that the Indian Security forces never entered any house to shoot someone, so what were these young kids or tender age doing on the street with stone pelting crowd?  Certainly, the protestors used them as their defense.  While broadcasting the news of palate gun use, they are talking about the 70 Kashmiris killed and few thousand hurt, but they forget to mention the 1600 some indian security personnel who were severely hurt due to stone pelting.  Moreover, why don't the likes of Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Rana Ayyub etc etc (morons) report on the atrocities by the protesting crowd to stop Doctors and patients including pregnant ladies??  Hell, yeah Pseudo Secular Yellow Journalist crowd....
  5. Baluchistan made news and headlines with Indian PM Modi mentioning about it along with POK, Gilgit and Baltistan.  Baluchistan was forcefully annexed to Pakistan and since then has been treated like a second grade province.  Though rich in natural wealth, Baluchistan never progressed like it should have and people there have been ever fighting against the oppression of Pakistan.  the genocide and other atrocities by Pakistani forces in Baluchistan has ever fueled the voice of Independence by separatist Balochi leaders.  I would cover this topic in detail with entire history and geography of Baluchistan to do the right justice to this topic.
Signing off from this Bulletin... Happy reading!!

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