Thursday, April 19, 2007

Essence of Life

Essence of Life as can be described at various level in various cases with various though processes. For a more pessimist approach would be -

Life is a mystery case
that is always in a haze
cause we don't know
when we got to bow

But for someone who has joyous view about life following lines might depict the essence of life -

Life is a wonderful friend
that always tends to bend
cause it wants us happy
even when we are in nappy

For someone who is more of a visionary and who is more of ambitious the essence of life may be summarized as -

Life is a marvelous journey
that at times gets curvy
just to help us in aspiration
to reach our destination

Though all sounds too Nice, still I don't find the essence of life in any of them. For me the essence of Life can be summarized in the lines -

Life is a beautiful dream
that gets as sweet as cream
cause its full of love
to live with one's dove

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