Monday, April 9, 2007

In Search of Smile, I Smile

I often sit and think about -
Who I am?
Why I am what I am?
Why I am where I am?
Why I do what I do?

While I ponder on these questions a lot in most of my free time when I am alone and when I am unoccupied, I also keep these questions in back of my mind always.

The reason to ponder over these questions is to analyze by day-to-day activities and then find the flaws around in them. Also, keeping them in back of the mind helps me in tackling any mistakes that I might commit during my day-to-day routines.

This habit helps me a lot in improving myself and my interaction with others. It helps me improve my diction and improve my overall outlook.

This has helped me improve my relations with my colleagues, friends and relatives. Not to mention has helped me identify, who is there with me being good or Bad times and who is not.

I just recall the odd incident some 4 years back when I had smashed a guy black and blue just because I was in foul mood and he happened to use Rude and abusive tone......and lolz I had smashed him while hurling the worst abuses.

Now, today even if someone hurls most obscene abuses, I just tend to smile and walk away.... Not because I am afraid of him, but because I have understood, Neither Abusing back doesn't increase my reputation in the society or in view of the on lookers, nor does smiling and walking off does.

But I choose the second option because Smile is asa infectious as hate and abuse is. the more you smile, more it spreads and a small and lovely smiles when crosses several faces, it can spread through miles.....

So Smile as often as you can, be it sarcastic or sad smile if it be like that, but a smile on your face can wear out the pain and agony in other's mind and heart....So just Smile

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