Saturday, July 21, 2007

Relation and Correlation

Looking around onself what I find is there exist relations and on the top of many more Coorelations....For any one instance if there is one relation between me and the person X, then the correlations for various situations as perceived by various people would be a phenominally hight...

Lets take a simple example of the relation between person x and person y....and imagine that there are 10 scenarios observerd by 10 people. now lets see how many Correlations exist -

10 * 10 from Xs perspective
10 * 10 from Ys perspective
100 * 100 overall

Now looking at this the scene gets compliated further ahead. Its very complex a situation when we start calculating because everytime there is a analysis of the situation and the relation, there is a different perspective coming out of it...I dunno but people really like to do POST MORTOM of various incidents and various situations...and many a times they even make things worse between X and Y by unnecessary and unrelevant comments and analytical skill show.

I dunno when will this end...may be when X and Y would leave world cause they would not be bothered by these analysis and Post Mortom by the people around....

People need to Grow UP

This was originally written on 30th April the original Form

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