Sunday, August 5, 2007

Letter from Heart - Highlighting its Plight

The Body
Human Race

Sub:- My Plight

Dear Body,

This is your heart writing to you and with the subject matter i would like to highlight that I have grown sad and volatile with time. I was very happy when you were born nand when you were small. But as you grew, load on nme increased. My main work always had been to receive, purify and pump blood to all the parts of the body. But as you grew, the eys started resting on various sights to oodle, specially girls.

With that I had to start developing feelings for them. The mind kept on rejecting the feelings and I kept on generating them. There had been no criteria, the eyes captured the gilrs it liked, I developed the feelings and the mind just rejected.

Let me highlight the fact that over time I have become stressed and sad over the way mind had been ruling me with its logic. I don't understand logic, for me feelings are more important and I develop them whenever eyes tell me something pleasant is being sighted.

I know this is totally illogical of me cause the world runs on logic, but when we are part of living beings and me as heart, I participate in all the emotional parts of the human being be it pain, pleasure sadness, sorrow, happiness or anything, I know the mind also makes part to it, but why does it pump in its logic at every instance???

If this would cocntinue furhter, it will be tough for me to continune in the capacity I am and would have to resign resulting in the overall body suffering. I do not want the body to suffer for one stupidity of Mind.

I hope this will be taken care off and in future clashes between me and mind will be avoided.



Originally written on Oct 24, 2006 3:49 am

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