Monday, August 6, 2007

Memo from Soul - To Mind and Heart

All the Body Parts
Human Body

Sub:- Conflict of Heart and Mind

Dear All,

It is really sad to have witnessed the case brought to us by Heart and well am delighted that Mind has not taken it personally. It was a very good and apt reply by the Mind for the Heart and that highlighted the importance of every body part. See for a body to function, all the body parts need to coordinate properly and Mind for that matter acts as the coordinator.

Also, all the Body parts including mind need the energy to function and this is supplied to them by Heart. But Heart here should not forget that the Blood that it pumps is not produced by it and the production of blood solely depends on the food intake by body. This food intake also depends on the Hunger which in itself is a sense and is linked directly to the functioning of Mind.

Whatever perhaps goes, lets understand that without either of them the Human body is total waste.

Take this particular instance that as a Soul, I do not have any form and there is no physical presence I have, my entire form is given to me by the Human Body that is each part of it. Now if I have a conflict with the Body, and Body has a conflict with me, then what do you think, would it be possible for me to live in the Body?

The Human body is my dress, the most beautiful dress that has ever been created.

And, well one thing whether it is Mind or Heart, without me neither of them can work. If I leave the Body, both of them would be dysfunctional. No this is not my ego, but the universal truth. As the Body gives me a form, I give life to the Body. All the feelings of Heart and Logic of Mind is because of me, my experiences and the knowledge base I carry with me.

I am sorry that there had been too much of I in the whole case, but then, lets accept what is truth.

I don't want to continue this more and would like to conclude requesting all of you to live and work in Harmony and peace. Because without Coordination between us, we can't move ahead and there will always be clashes.

Deepest regards


Originally written on Oct 24, 2006


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