Monday, August 6, 2007

Reply from Mind

The Body
Human race

Sub:- My Reply to allegations by heart

Dear Body,

All of us are equal when it comes to make an entire body. None of us is less than other and there is no fact that there can be somem comparison declaring anyone of us inferior or superior than other. Like Heart is very vital when it comes to the work of Blood purification and repumping, and developing the feeling. But as highlighted it also depends on the nerves and the Eyes to do the respective jobs.

If we look at the fact than the Heart actually generates the feelings depending on the five senses that hman body has and these senses of - touch, smell, speach, sight and hearing are directly or indirectly controlled by me.

However Heart does not understand the logic and immediately develops the feelings whereas its entirely upto me to understand, evaluated and then develop the logic for the entire body to understand and react. We can not depend on the spontinity of the Heart and react as that can at times be harmful to our existance.

I would hence request you to take up the case and make heart understand the facts. there is no rivalry and clash between me and Heart as I myself am dependent on heart to work. As so if heart stops providing me the blood that my cells require to function, I would be dead.

Now being the two important organs for the sustenance of life in the Human Body, I would request heart to just leave aside the conflict and work in harmony. As without anyone of us, the entire body would be considered as dead.



originally written on October 24 2006

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