Sunday, August 5, 2007

Two ways to deal with the difficulty

There are two ways of meeting difficulties:
You alter the Difficulties
or You Alter Yourself
To Meet Them
---------------------------------Phyllis Bottome--

I happen to read the line today in one of the forwards received by one of my colleague. And wow, I was like, I always believed in this. I was like pleading her to forward on the text to me as I didn't want the entire forward cloggin my mail box...

She was like how do I forward the text as this is part of an image....and blah blah blah...You see another difficulty there in getting something well said piece on Difficulty

So I just went around and got a piece of paper to write the stuff. (Altered myself )


Well jokes apart, (though that was a real incident to get the start of this post), When looking at life, we all know and accept the fact that Difficulties are part and parcel of life. Not all of us are born with all the luck to have smooth sailing through the life....And I haven't come across a single person who had a smooth sailing through the life without the turbulence of Difficulties.

Now under the scenario given where the Difficulties are integral part of our life, if we follow the quote above, then we can either alter the difficulty or we can alter ourselves....But Can we really ater the difficulty??? I doubt...

We can certainly Alter ourselves to meet the difficulty, Mind it MEET and not run away from it.

Yes the correct approach to meet the difficulty is what we need to select, the right strategy to beat the difficulty.

But should we wait for a situation where difficulty strikes??? Why not to just be a Proactive person to judge the situation, analyze and try to know the quantum and sort of difficulty, (one can actually know this if has evaluated the series of circumstances and events). this is nothing but Altering oneself to act proactively.

Yes certainly there is the Reactive Approach also, where one act after the difficulty has struck, and in this case the person has to be more of spontaneous rather than a laid back sort.

I would prefer to choose the right sort of approach depending on the situations I face they do matter.

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