Thursday, November 29, 2007

Discussion on the Last Scene of Laga Chunari Mein Daag

Of the recently watched movies, I had liked Laga Chunari Mein Daag the most. Speciality of the movie was the way the subject matter was handled and the way the overall relationship management was portrayed. Though it depicted the changing mindset of the Indian Society but some out there might opine that it was still by far largely unacceptable ending to the movie. People who have seen the movie have opined either ways, but the harsh opinion is that this looks good only in the movies and not in the real life.

Inn one such conversation the other day, me and another friend of mine strongly opposed the points of non-realism. We opined that the end of the movie was very much practical and very much positive. When we look at the past of the Indian society dating back to 10th Century or earlier, we find that there had been lot more such cases. The base of Indian society was OPEN CULTURE and it still is. Its only after a certain invasion and post infusion of foreign culture that the social norms changed.

Even today we find several cases in real life and not just in reel life for the pairs getting hooked on irrespective of each others background. If someone comes out and says that for a guy it is accepted, but the background of the girl ahs to be clean and that she has to be one man girl, then I strongly oppose it. Isn’t it being a hypocrite? The guy can have numerous physical relations prior to or even after the marriage but girl has to be virgin at the time of marriage. Now this is something too far and too high an expectation. Why should one expect something from others when one can’t give the same to others?

Any opinions???


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