Friday, November 2, 2007

How does the Heart get Hurt? Any opinion?

Often thinking about the vulnerability of the heart, I ponder over the point that what makes it pain, why is it that we feel the pain in the heart over any issue that displeases us? I mean why we say that any emotion / feeling / sentiment is heart born then mind?

I often tried to dwell on the point that whether the pain has any psychological or scientific angle? But then ruled out the psychological angle as the human psychology is often related to the state of mind rather than the state of heart. I guess the strain on heart an the state of pain in heart can be ruled to the point that when we are emotionally stressed, the over all effect on the body is such that the heart has to work its extra bit to supply the energy (blood) to the core tissues (cell in human anatomy) of the body and in the process it just get overworked as the cells in the state of tension contract and the result is higher rate of blood transmission from the heart to get the body back in shape.

I guess that might be the reason behind relating the emotions / feelings / sentiments to the heart and that may be the cause of hurt heart (burnt out due to over work, the way I would term it).

Still, am not sure its just my thought, my feeling or the way I perceive it. The Bio - Scientists and heart Specialists would be the Better people / professionals to comment on the same.

The thoughts prevail in my mind as often I feel fatigued due to emotional strains but still my Medical reports are as clean as a blank piece of paper ;) J

Any Doc there to read this and let us know if the theory / opinion is a lil correct or baseless J


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