Monday, November 19, 2007

Jab We Met - Technical Gliches

Just happened to watch Shahid and Kareena Kapur starer Jab We Met. A really good movie when it comes to entertainment and after the debacle of Sanwariya J. But my entire taste for the movie was spoiled because of the Pathetic technical mistakes and the way city of Ratlam has been presented. Yes the city is not as it was presented in the movie, not even 10% of it. The way it has been presented in the movie really ruins the image of Ratlam as one of the most literate city of Madhya Pradesh and as one of the Biggest Western Railway Divisions.

Let me start from the point they show the shoddy entrance with a board of Ratlam Junction put over it. Well that’s certainly not the way Ratlam’s real station, that’s just a very Pathetic imagination of some really stinking person who never did any research about the entrance to the Ratlam station or the Station itself. Then certainly one DOES NOT See those cheap sorts of prostitutes standing in front of the Railway station and certainly even at night 1 or 2 the Station area is pretty safe for any female even if she is alone. I was really shocked for the way the script represented the cheap acts for Ratlam station.

Moreover the first and foremost technical fault of the movie – A TRAIN LEAVING FROM CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINAL IN MUMBAI TO NEW DELHI DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE RATLAM AND KOTA. And as presented in the Movie, The Punjab Mail certainly DOES NOT CROSS Ratlam at all, it rather takes, Kalyan – Nashik – Khandwa – Itarsi – Bhopal – Agra route to New Delhi.

I mean the script writer hardly put any research in place on this side and well so did the lapse on the side of the Director and the rest of the technical team involved. Its really a gruesome mistake.

The movie certainly creates a maligned image of Ratlam, but Ratlam is not such a Shoddy city, it is very much a nice and developing city that has much better environment prevailing.



  1. I share similar sentiments.As a Ratlami I am deeply hurt the way Ratlam's image has been tarnished which infact is a beautiful and lively city.

  2. ratlam is good city in movie is not real ratlaam