Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BCCI v/s ICC - What if BCCI Backs off

Post the Racial Slur incident and the poor umpiring left Team India in fury, BCCI provided a good support to the Team that represents India. Why not? After all it was a matter of Self Respect. But the interim stop gap arrangement solution as provided by ICC is nothing but an arrangement that is like offering lollypop to the child. It has still not resolved the entire case. The whole Saga is still very much under the scrutiny that means there is still a strong chance that Team India might call of the tour, certainly backed by BCCI.

Now here what Opinion I have received from the blog readers is that BCCI should actually Call Back the Team India and should Back off from the ICC Affiliation also. What BCCI should then do is start its own league as it has already started the IPL for 20-20 Tournament. What they rather say is BCCI should then recognize ICL and from there on start an entirely different league –

ICL to be the league for 20-20 matches and IPL for one dayers. BCCI can then organize the Test Matches under its own name.

What say if the World’s Richest Cricket Club aka BCCI breaks up its contract with ICC and starts its own league, what I feel is that if that happens, certainly, ICC would go Berserk and might even run to losses to be declared Bankrupt. Today, though BCCI holds the reign from the financial angle, it still does not hold that power within the ICC ranks and is still treated shabbily. Sydney tour and the Racial Slur Gate incidents are the clear examples of this.

As a Avid Cricket follower, I am just following the entire episode and am just waiting for what happens on the Brad Hogg Case where he has been charged by the Indian Captain and Vice-Captain for calling them Ba****ds. The hearing is scheduled for January 14, 2008, just a couple of days before Perth Test. I am just pondering if Hogg would also be handed over the similar sentence as Bhajji? And if yes then wouldn’t the Punter’s Team resist against that? Wouldn’t the so called PRIDE of Team Australia be hurt? I am just waiting for the outcome of the entire episode, what would it be like?

Last but not the least am waiting if at the end if the things don’t get neutralized, would BCCI call for ICC to Annul the match.


Mayank Trivedi

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