Monday, January 21, 2008

Bharat Ratna Award - 2008, Seems to be a Stampede

I was just following the recent Spat or what otherwise we can say Controversy on the Top of the List Civilian Award - "Bharat Ratna". I mean the names of the Politicians are cropping up in tons and well most of them have been just the Regional Politicians with Little or NO work accomplishment by them on the National Levels. Well No names to be taken in particular but we all certainly know that.None of the Politicians today stands at a level or has served the country in the manner earlier one's have. In fact Politicians MUST NOT be considered for the coveted award any more.
I happen to go through the List of Award Winners as avilable on the following Sites -

I mean if we go through the List of 40 Awardees who go the Honour, there is a great sense and Logic in honoring them, but if we compare the current Wish lists of various Political Parties, it seems they are just trying to get a Political mileage by asking for Bharat Ratna for their Candidate whom they seem to be considering as "Deserving".

I guess the Coveted Singers like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Kathak Dancer - Sitara Devi and Many more who have served and who took Indian Music to the World Stage must be considered

I was just going through various statements by various people and well was shocked to read that One of the Politicians Suggested to Abolish the Coveted National Award for hte sake of cleaning the Political Stampede in the Rush for the Bharat Ratna Award. Isn't it a shame that due to some petty mess, we Abolish the Highest Civilian Award??

What I guess would be better is to Ban Politicians and Government Officials from being Awarded. I mean its real dishonor to the Award if anyone from the Regional presence is nominated and / or a Regional Political Outfit Leader makes a statement / speech that if the Award is Honored, I would deny that. Just makes me feel sick.

With Politicians being Considered under Public Affairs, then well its very much sane for the regional politicians to be proposed in the list, but, I mean Bharat Ratna as name suggests is for those who have served for the cause of the entire Nation and are National Pride........Why bring regionalism and Biasness for this Award??? Moreover, don't you all there agree that the Politicians need to do Something OUTSTANDING to get the Award and none of the present day's Politicians have that sort of Background and Remarkable Achievement on National Level (Atleast as I guess so.)

Also Government has a choice of not to Confer the Award every year.

-- Regards
Mayank Trivedi

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  1. Alas, your wish has come true......
    Pt. Bhimsen Joshi to be conferred Bharat Ratna....