Saturday, January 19, 2008

Carla Bruni - Racy pics on the Net

Was just going through the Times Mumbai edition for Friday, January 18, 2008, and found the article on Racy Pics of French President’s Girl friend Carla Bruni. Certainly the pictures would have left Mr. President red in face. But for more so the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) must have been further in for a problem as to what treatment to provide Carla Bruni with. If in case she accompanies French President on his India Visit. Apparently She has been accompanying him on his most of the visits to various nations.

Now the issue in front of MEA would be – How can they have a decision to honor female who has posed Topless and more so nude on various pics? This dilemma would be fuelled by the point that nudity in India is a Taboo and against Law. Oh so what she has not posed nude in India, all of us understand, but something that has already had an effect on the reputation of French President, should MEA take a chance of Protest against decision to give her the treatment as First Lady – In case they decide so.

As if the erstwhile dilemma was not enough for MEA official, that the story uncovers now a new twist in the entire tale!!

I guess its better to wait and watch as the drama further unfolds.


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