Monday, January 14, 2008

Delhi Auto Expo - Raised Some Thoughts and Questions

The Tata Dream – Dream of India – Nano, showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo and clearly identifies the mass market that is still untouched by the most of the automobile giants. The Dream had initially taken its shape with Late Sanjay Gandhi dreaming about a Sub 1 lakh car and Maruti was born, but Maruti over a time captured the seat of sub 2 lakh car, so the sub 1 lakh car segment was still a distant possibility, but Tata’s made it possible with the 660cc Nano.

The introduction of Nano has certainly started a Price war in the Indian Automobile market, and as the news in the market is that Bajaj is already in the fray to introduce its sub 600 cc car it means Maruti 800 will have quite a competition.

Many have said that Nano is more to be pitched against Bikes, but I totally disagree and strongly believe that Nano can not be taken to as the alternate to the Bikes as the Bikers the way we call the Bike Lovers across the globe, have distinct pulse and certainly cars can't replace that feel that a Bike gives you.

Why do we forget that R11 and another Yamaha 1000 cc bikes have already been launched. Kawasaki is already on the verge of Introducing its ZX6r and otherr variants in the market. Suzuki too is in line for launch of its own heavy bikes...

So overall the Indian automobile market is all set to glow with more and more models and variants being launched.

But the question is - "Do we have enough infrastructure to handle the load being introduced with the launch of various models??" While Introduction of the Higher variants in Bike segment would still be a niche market with the HARDCORE Bikers going in for those Bikes, but cheaper cars with easy finance schemes would mean more cars on the Roads, means more traffic and more chaos.

Don't we all think that while the automobile giants are enthusiastically moving ahead with introduction of more models at fierce price wars, the Government must also keep pace with them to have the infrastructure in place to accommodate the increasing passenger vehicles on the roads?

Do you all agree that just like the Entry Tax in London for the Car owners, there should be a Entry Tax for the Cars owners in atleast all the metropolitan cities?

Do you think that the RTOs should come heavily on the Car Purchasers for evading the Duties Levied in a particular city (read Mumbai) by registering their vehicles in surrounding areas outside the Municipal limits and still plying the vehicle on the city roads? (Especially when the address provided is totally Fake).


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