Saturday, January 5, 2008

Grey Side of Mumbai

It’s been quite a while that I had been away from my blog area for my busy schedule. Today when I sat down in the New Year to write my first post of the year, I could not control my thoughts on the event that occurred in Mumbai on the start of this New Year 2008.

What a shame and what a setback to Mumbai’s pride as a safe city. I had been a big time admirer to the openness and the freedom for Females to move around at anytime of the day, without any fear. But with the Mob Molestation of a female and another incident where one Spanish minor was molested has really put me down. This is absolutely errant behavior of those so called Mumbaiites.

And what the Police heads have to say is that the Media actually blew the incident out of proportion. It required the Deputy CM to come in the picture and tell the Police department to take the matter in hand and get the culprits to their rightful sentences. This is what I say is a ridiculous situation. I mean nobody was to rescue the females and the guys accompanying them? Isn’t it a shame to the So Called Image of Mumbai?

We the Mumbaiites used to have so much pride on the clean Image of Mumbai, but with the Mumbai Police coming out in the manner it did after the incident, put Mumbai in further shame. What Police department doing was more of Moral Policing, finding the Drunken Drivers and keeping them at a Bay rather than stopping such idiotic incidences.

I mean almost 150 odd police personnel and 125 of the Private Security Guards at and around the area were missing when the incident occurred. Most of the passerby were also silent spectators - Shame a real Shame.



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