Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Racial Slurs, Cricket Australia and the Sydney Test

Sydney Test has been marred by poor Umpiring and enough has been written about it by various columnists and the Sports journalists. Umpiring Blunders and 9 of them, 8 against India and 1 against Australia. But bigger show was the allegation on Harbhbajan Singh by Symonds, the official Complain and Ricky Ponting alias Punter’s guys backing it up.

Interestingly nothing was heard by the umpires and still Harbhajan Singh was handed ban of 3 test matches. Don’t you people think that this is indeed a very well planned and executed strategy by Punter and gang from Cricket Australia?

Punter’s biggest trouble on this tour had been Harbhajan. Interestingly he has got out to Bhajji for 8 times, highest for any Indian Bowler. Bhajji happened to be his on field TORMENTOR, and when he could not tackle the pressure in a gentlemanly approach, ah certainly the old bullish way of Cricket Australia came into being.

Interestingly, no body heard anything other than Symonds and 5 of the Australian Cricketers Testify. No records either Audio or Video were and are available as a proof of incident. Then what is that worked against India – RACISM, I would definitely term it as RACISM.

As Kumble rightly said there was just one team playing with the spirit of Game and fighting against all the odds. Not just playing against Australian 11 but also against another team of 2 – Buckner and Benson. More than the Game of Team Australia, their On and Off Field pressure Techniques got them the win in the Match.

If Cricket is still a game of Gentlemen, that I hardly believe Specially in case of Australian Cricket who introduced the art of Sledging and Bullish Behavior to the World of Cricket.

The entire episode reminds me of Chandrapaul or another West Indies Player that if Australia plays a fair game, then most team in the world can beat them.

ICC should simply Annul the Game even if the records associated are annulled. The players (gentlemen of course) would not mind as they know Sydney Test is one of the MOST Marred Tests Match we ever witnessed. (Wish could have said for future also, but with Cricket Australia behaving as it is, I doubt)




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  2. I agree with u on this that this is just a stop gap arrangement and its like our good old friend Siddhu said "sweeping it under the carpet" .

    The correct thing to do is , as u rightly said , BCCI should call the team back - break away from ICC and start our own tournament. Let the rest of the cricketing nations join us and let the "GORAS" come begging . I an sure the ICC will go bankrupt in no time .Tts our Indian stars that are the mass pullers and money churners.

    Let us bring back the days of Garry Packer . Teach these ba****ds a lesson and let them have a taste of their own medicine.

    In fact i would go a step further and award the match to India , as a punishment to the cheating Australian team , and bring it on record that they did not win 16 test matches in a row . Let them feel the shame of using unfair means to win a test match .

    I would also add here that the so called elite panel umpire Mr Buckner should be banned for life. I saw nothing but mistakes , if not deliberate , in his decisions all favoring the home team. How much did Punter pay pay him?

    If an allegation is levied on Ponting and his men for fixing this match, will the ICC take the same strong stand and ban Australia from playing international cricket?