Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CB Series - Punter Believed his Team

Just came back to my seat after witnessing India's thrilling win over Australia in the Second CB Series Final Match. Ah I remember reading in the newspapers and hearing on the TV channels that Ponting had claimed that third final will not be required, how true, India Wrapped up the Win in First two Matches only.

That reminds me of one of Sachin's Interview where he had said, "we might wrap it up in Two matches only...who knows".

Now how befitting reply India has given to the Cricket Australia....winning the CB Series Finals by 2-0. and What a Befitting reply by Harbhajan to both Hayden and Symonds by accounting for both of them min both the finals (Claiming their wickets in first and contributing in Hayden's Run Out in Second and claiming Symonds' Wicket).

Am now just wondering what will Ponting write in his columns? how would he react to the LOSS that too by Two - Nil. Awe poor he...will have to scratch his brains out to come out of an excuse :))

So now here we stand the Triangular CB Series Winner is India with a White wash win after a wonderful all-round performance with every one chipping in.

And what a Boon in disguise to have included Praveen Kumar. He turned out to be a nightmare for the Australians. If Ishant was a pick of Bowler in Test, then Praveen Kumar proved his selection in the One Day Matches.

I hope by the time you guys read this and I get back home to switch on the TV for after match reports, Ponting would have had enough scratching of his brains to come out with an excuse of his life for the LOSS.

Ah and well will certainly wait for the REACTION by the Aussie Media on the LOSS of Australia to India......

Will there be a thinking Power or some obnoxious weed monkey power behind the LOSS ?????


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