Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Show Team India - Seniors and Colts

It has been a wonderful achievement by Indian Cricket Teams – the Team India and the Colts (Under 19). We witnessed the performances par excellence by both and surely we loved it to the core of our hearts for we follow cricket like a religion in India. But is it right to be so glad and so ecstatic with these performances, as they still have to show the Consistency that we often witnessed as missing from Team India’s performances.

I might be taken as a pragmatic but being pragmatic does not always mean being pessimist. Being Pragmatic also stands for being realistic and practical. Our Heroes are raised high to the level of gods where we start worshiping them with just one or two good performances, and when they fail bitterly they just vanish from the scene. Reminds me of the warlords like Atul Bedade, Narendra Hirwani, Praveen Amre. Abey Kuruvilla, and the list may go on. In particular remember Chetan Sharma, he was just written off and forgotten after Javed Miandad had hit him for a 6 on the last ball of that unfaithful day in Sharjah. We hardly know where Atul Bedade and Narendra Hirwani are. But we have already started hailing the heroes of T20 world cup and now the winners of CB series.

The way BCCI has already announced the monetary benefits, Praveen Kumar awarded with the Kanshiram Khel Ratna and many more such cases around, I am getting skeptical to as to these guys might start getting high headed and forget their prime duty – “To serve the Indian Cricket and Take it to the Top of the Charts”.

I read in yesterday’s newspaper that With CB Series win India has declared the dawn of a new era in World Cricket and the downfall of Cricket Australia from the Rating Charts. This is being compared to the Change that was announced with Team Australia taking on the reigns from Team West Indies. But is it so?? Are we not over hyping the things? Aren’t we down playing the force of Team South Africa or Team Sri Lanka? And But Obvious Team Australia itself?

We all have already witnessed that the Team Australia has time and again stood the pressure of its aging team members retiring.

Still I would say Team India has to go long way.

Never the Less – Good Work Team India and Keep up the Momentum.



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