Monday, March 10, 2008

Will Government Declare National Mourning?

With the loss to Britain in the Olympic Qualifier, for the first time Indian Hockey team would not feature in the Olympic. The nation which goes crazy over the Cricket Gods and Cricket wins, the nation which mourns loss of Indian Cricket team, is sleeping. I see far too many forwards and far too many chain mails of the so called stars of Indian Cricket. We all follow Cricket, Cricket and Cricket. The Star of Indian Cricket rises with Cricket and sets with Cricket. I guess that’s why we are at a stage of World Hockey where we have not even qualified in the Olympic.

Oh, what a Shame!!!!! Yeah that’s what all of us would be sitting and saying while watching the news, but WHO’S RESPONSIBLE??? The Entire Nation, I would say. The nation that follows Cricket Like a Religion was sleeping in peace when the Indian Hockey Team was battling it out in Chile. I can bet not even 20% of you reading this ever knew that Indian Hockey Team was fighting for the chances to Qualify for Olympic in SantiagoChile.

Hockey that was the pride of Nation when it comes to Olympic medals – Eight of them, the game which got India Players like Late Shri Dhyanchand, the one legend, today is in shambles. When we open the TV Channels, we find it’s the blame game every where, Media is trying to blame government, Government is trying to blame Hockey Federation, Hokey Federation is trying to blame someone else, but if we see closely, its we who are responsible. It’s the Media who’s responsible, it’s the lack of sponsorship that is responsible.

Though the Movie Chak De was shot on the Historic Win of Indian Hockey Team (Women), but what we saw was Cricketization of the Title Song. Media Played it all over when India won T20 world cup, Media Played when Cricket Team Triumphed elsewhere on the Cricket Contest. News Channels Beam hours of news when it comes to cricket, but I could hardly find couple of news channel who wired the News about Indian Hockey LOSS / WIN.

I am shocked and deeply Grieved to note the Sad Demise of Triumphant Indian Hockey. Am just wondering if Government would pass a Bill to declare the regular 5 days Mourning on the Demise of Art of its National Game – Hockey.

And how many of you knew Hockey is India’s National Game???


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