Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fear - What is it? A Feeling or a Reality.....

Just logged on to the Gtalk messenger and well saw the status message of one of my friend that read – “Is the fear of Death gr8r or the fear of face yet another Day ...!!!” My instant thoughts were –

  1. Fear of Death is not a fear, its just the fear to grace the feeling of ultimate truth.........
  2. Fear of facing tomorrow is also not a fear, it is the fear of uncertainty and unforeseen change that are constant things in our lives

But then these thoughts started going round in my brain and kept on raising further thoughts. The thoughts that made me think more and ultimately raised the question – “What is Fear?” Is the fear a feeling or something that is a reality?

Thinking on the grounds I decided to sit down and write this stuff, as when I write, my brain works better than just when I am thinking, as when I am just thinking the thoughts that prevail in the mind keep mingling with each other, whereas when I write I can see my thoughts as words and evaluate them accordingly. So while thinking and writing about What is Fear, I got my answer and identified that Fear is nothing but only a state of mind. Just like all other emotions – Happiness, Sadness, Love, Hate etc.

Fear rises in our mind and most of the times this can be attributed to –

  1. Uncertainty of situations and circumstances
  2. Knowledge about unwelcomed changes
  3. Non acceptance of truth
  4. Imagination of non-existent as reality
  5. Non acceptance of reality
  6. Non performance
  7. Going against the conscience
  8. Going against the norms
  9. Disobeying the principles of life

Many more may be added to the list above or many might differ with my view point of stating the above. But Certainly one thing that Fear is nothing but a state of mind that could be changed and this could certain be worked away if we definitely work towards believing is fear is nothing but just our belief that may be right or wrong……

If the fear is related to uncertainty or change, then we can definitely shrug it off because Uncertainty and Change are the only two things that are always constant in our lives…..Fear itself is uncertain and is definitely not constant for change in circumstances and situations changes out state of mind and the level of fear.

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