Friday, September 26, 2008

Godhra fire was a conspiracy: Nanavati panel - Times of India

Well yet another topic that crept up after almost 6.5 years of the carnage and the riots. And what a sad incident and turn of events that the report of one judge establishes another as non-creditable. Incidentally it boiled down to ask ourselves and our conscious to believe which ever we may. The article can be found here

My two cents on the turn of events and the issue –

Two reports and two different results. One appointed by the opposition and one by the ruling party of that state, now specifically it gets interestingly interesting. Which report to believe and which to set out as rubbish??

If I read that one relied heavily on the SIT report and no other consequential or circumstantial evidence then well I have nothing to say about the report. Certainly Godhra Carnage was preplanned, but then what followed that left a the entire state burning reminds me of the scene in the movie Nayak where the chief minister for his vote bank let the stray incident ignite and burn the entire state.

In the movie vigil Reporter even recorded the voice and statement of the Chief Minister but ah that was a movie and in movie ideologies do happen, not in real. Certainly even in the movie if it were not have been the Anil Kapoor the hero, then certainly the truth would have been well somewhere in the grave.

Now with the two sets of reports, we would never be able to know the truth unless we decide to find it. But most of us would just sit back in our lounge chair, read the newspaper while having hot tea or coffee and talk about it for few days to forget it for the rest of Life.

It indeed is a shame not on the political parties or the politicians or the system, but us the citizens that we close our eyes and just hear what the words say to believe in them and accept as we hear them.

Godhra Carnage and Gujarat Riots will always be a thorn in the heart of true Indians, irrespective of which sect, caste, creed or religion they belong. We lost good number of our fellow citizens, but who cares, we need to support politicians and the political parties, as if for their absence our existence would jeopardize....

My deepest regards for the truth and I pray for the departed souls though so many years have passed by, but what I remember from my visit to the burning state and what I had witnessed there and how I had saved my own life along with a colleague of mine just for being a little proactive, would always be there in my mind and I would never be able to forget what I had witnessed and well had been able to avoid. When Yes the so called law enforcers were also mere spectators to let it happen…….

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