Sunday, September 21, 2008

Readers' Opinion on - Nation Mourns Gallant Cop MC Sharma on Times of India Website

Was just reading the reader’s opinions on “Nation Mourns Gallant Cop MC Sharma” as published on -

I was really shocked and aggrieved and felt highly ashamed to have read the comments as posted there. It indeed is a shame and a pain.

It’s really atrocious to read the fanatic comments on a page that is dedicated for paying tribute to the Brave Son of Soil.

It’s really awful and out of taste to spark of a communal fury and ridiculous to say that its a Hindu or Muslim matter.

I have no two doubts about the sacrifice and bravery of Inspector Sharma, but don't we think this is one of the case that has come to the limelight when the nation is trying to gather its act against the coward act of mass bombing on the name of revenge??

Mind this, these bombings are causing death of the fellow country men and women irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

The way comments are being published and that carry words of communal distaste and words of Political favors makes me feel pity at poor sense of thoughts that prevail....

The page is not meant for spreading hatred, it intends to pass on the message and comments on the main story....

I would request one and all to stop commenting on communal bases. There is no connection between Inspector Sharma's martyrdom and the lack of unity among Hindu community.

Moreover please do not associate Vande Mataram with a specific Community, no that was not the intent when the national Song was written and also, if you know the true meaning of Vande Mataram, it denotes - Hail Mother and stands synonym for Hail India...... deepest Regards and Salute to the Departed Soul of Inspector Sharma may god support the courage and means to his immediate family and relatives to face the truth of life and make them believe that he indeed was the true son of soil, whose martyrdom would influence more and more to work towards Communal Harmony and fight against Terrorism.

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