Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suspected IM operatives arrested by Mumbai Police

Well yet again, as a habit to follow the news about terrorist activities and the various arrests, just read another article - Five Indian Mujahedeen men arrested by Mumbai Police, on

After reading the article and the comments by the various readers, my thoughts and analysis of the issue are –

Going by the turn of events that have unfolded in recent past after the various blasts, its indeed an achievement in itself that cops have claimed to have made the arrests. But after reading the story, having a look at the pictures and having read the comments, I tend to agree more with the readers who are raising the question on why the faces of arrested suspects covered? and should not Police uncover the faces for the Public? But when one sits down to think about the other face of the facts, well one would get the idea that they have been termed as Suspects and Suspects at times may not be the real catch. They might be guilty or they might not be, so may be for that reason the faces might have been covered. Only the cops would know the real story. We need to understand that the cops have to first establish that the Suspects are the real culprits before they are exposed to the Media and the Larger public. I am with the cops for this reason, if this is the reason to keep their faces covered.

On the contrary, if this is the case similar to the case of Fake Encounters and just to earn the laurels of media and public, then this would just not turn out to be the case of breaching the trust of public but cops would also lose face and creditability....

Whatever is the truth would prevail and only time would tell

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  1. I just went thru the writeup - i agree - but then i feel that the police r justified in covering the faces - coz we have more wasted intrests than otherwise.