Monday, September 22, 2008

Terrorists breeding most in riot-hit areas - An Opinion

Was reading yet another story "Terrorists breeding most in riot-hit areas" online at -

My opinion on this case is for the atrocities that are carried out by the security forces on the innocent people from the localities where the minorities live. The other day only I came across a report where cops raided a Maulvi's house in Andheri Area of Mumbai dragged him out and interrogated him for no reason per say. Certainly when they found out that he hails from a family well connected politically and the family of freedom fighters, the cops left in zify warning the respected Maulvi Saheb of dire consequences.

We all know how the Police network failed in Gujarat to trace the A'bad bomb suspects due to atrocities by them during Godhra Riots.

Well we need to understand that on one side Cops try to break the terrorist networks and nexus, but on the other side they engage themselves in arresting suspects without much evidence. There are cops who lay down their life for nation, but then there are cops who just seize on an opportunity or rather create an opportunity to be called Gallants.....

We need to infuse rationalism in the Security Forces and tell them to not react but be proactive to deal with situations.

Certainly the case as highlighted above would create a dislike or may be hatred (though hate is a strong word) among the youths and once this dislike and hate is nurtured its easy to brainwash them and make them turn anti-social....So I guess the speculation itself is hiding the answer within itself.

Yupp and one very valid point raised by one of the readers there - If we go by the logic as defined in the Article, then most of the Kashmiri Brahmins should have been terrorists by now, and most of the Christians in Orissa and Karnataka should be turning terrorists......But that ain't happening and that means that there has to be more sense to be infused to deal with the situations and to make them understand that they are always considered as part of mainstream and they need to walk with us hand in hand.

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