Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MNS Activities - Aren't themselves Anti Maharashtra?

Going through the various developments or rather showdowns by MNS activists after the arrest of Raj Thackeray, I was more dumb-folded than getting angry or surprised. Certainly one can’t be surprised for the way they reacted as it was well expected of them and at the same time one couldn’t actually be angry at them because they themselves don’t know what to do. Their behavior was more that of an orphaned child than anything for that matter.

I was actually dumb-folded to the way they reacted against the arrest and then disturbed the peace and harmony in various places across Maharashtra. MNS or Maharashtra Navnirman Sena as we know it is supposed to be working toward building a better, progressive and prosperous Maharashtra. But what are they doing? Certainly nothing that would lead Maharashtra towards betterment or toward being a progressive and prosperous state.

Agitations by MNS are doing nothing but creating a dent in the pocket of Maharashtra Government in terms of revenue and at the same time in terms of expenditure towards rebuilding the damaged government property. That means a Negative growth.

I am unable to understand the Non-Maharashtrian concept of MNS as in case the Non-Maharashtrian if are driven out of Mumbai, then I don not see most of the businesses around in Mumbai. I mean if we take the who’s who like – Tata, Birla, Godrej, Ambani, Hiranandani, Shapoorji Pallonji, Wadias and I mean most of the big business and corporate houses, then I do not see many Maharashtrians in that circle. Actually there are very few names that might surface in this case. Even most of the Food Joints that I know are mostly owned by Kannadigas. Certainly these are not Maharashtrians but indeed they are Mumbaiites or Mumbaikers and they all love Mumbai as well as Maharashtra as good as any Maharashtrian.

MNS needs to clearly understand that their negative tactics would neither lead to make the Non-Maharashtrian leave Maharashtra not would it lead to progressive and prosperous Maharashtra. They need to come out with much more a constructive way to forget the difference between North Indians and Maharashtrians and join hands with everyone embrace them and march towards a better tomorrow.

I don’t know how many of you would agree, but I poured in the words that I felt and I opine as…!!!!


  1. i support the mns cause against anti-discrimination but i don't support there violent ways. btw, the protesters were not MNS people but common angry marathi speaking people who took the streets today. not raj's gundha's like the TV says. i like to look at the root of the problem and a problem which our north-indian news channels have cunningly ignored to telecast to argue about - unemployment in bihar/UP.

    i think a state or any state is only equipped to handle it's own baggage. if there are people coming in then there should be equal people going out. a balance has to be maintained. the administrations of UP and bihar have failed to provide jobs to it's own stock and which is why the stock considers traveling to other states for jobs. the people to blame here is not raj thackray or MNS or north indians... but it's the administration of these two states who are to blame.

    but since lallu controls the railway ministry and SP holds the UPA govt. together any actions against them is very unlikely. finally, it also shows the discrimination and vote bank politics played by the UPA govt. the common marathi voice speaks. no it screams.

  2. Well Dude, Nobody is against the Cause, but the means is something that is destructive. What I am trying to suggest across is to be creative. Tell me how many Maharashtrians suffered from the effect of rioting? Do you have any idea that most of the BEST buses that ply are driven by Drivers from Maharashtra Origin. Now by burning 150 odd Best Buses and damaging public property what are you trying to portray?? Nav Nirman or Nav Vidhvansha???

    I agree to the cause but not to the means. Moreover, Maharashtra or Up or Bihar, we are one nation and those who are eligible should get to the job be from where ever in India.....

    Hope you would think over in the light of Cause, Means and Effect before extending blind support

  3. Where is Raj Thaclarey? And where is his gang? Tell them that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (all North Indians) being sent to fight the terrorists in Mumbai, so that he and his gang can sleep tension free.

    And where is Raj and his gang in driving these non-maharashtrians, non-Indians (the terrorists) out of Mumbai? Where is the courage gone now. Is this courage only for innocent and simple people?

    Raj is a hollow person from inside. He should shame on himself.