Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks - High Time India Sheds its Soft State Image

I am away from my country for some time, but my heart beats for my Country. India the land of heritage, the land of peace and tranquility, the land of culture with unity in diversity and the list can go on and on and on. But then off recently it has become the land of terror attacks. not one or two, but a series of it. Its like whenever someone's idiosyncrasy gets heightened, we face attacks. For what being Soft and Generous and believing in our Judiciary???? Giving them another chance to destroy the setup?

Imagine the plight of Mumbai. Terror attack on the night of November 26, 2008 is the worst that ever hit any city and how?? Why??? and simple because we are soft, we do not have synchronization between the intelligence sources and there is lack of coordination for information exchange. We had already seen and witnessed these lapses during Gujarat and Delhi blasts, but what did we learn from them?? Absolute Zero....

In Mumbai attacks, we lost the brave son of soil in ACP, ATS Chief Karkare and the Sharp Shooter Vijay Salaskar along with 8 other police men. And what we get to hear from the Top Cops - "We are trying to catch them alive" For what?? why you want to waste nations financial resources and keep the cowards alive at nations expense???? When they can fire indiscriminately, why are we trying to withhold actions of our forces??? Don't we just have enough criminals enjoyin VIP treatment in various jails at the expense of Tax payers' money???

At this juncture my opinion is pretty simple - Shoot the Bloodie Terrorists right on Cameras for the other to get the lesson for not trying to play with the sovereignty of our Mother Land.


  1. Mayank the heart bleeds and there seems to be no first aid , can sense the helplessness and sadness coupled into frustration of the common man in your words. Our country prided in its Unity in Diversity but nowadays its nothing but Diversity in Unity.
    The corridors of politics will once again condemn this as an heinous attack and get back to their routines of rotting the values of Valour and Courage of the brave who lost their lives , I would have very much wanted to write the brave who laid down their lives , but alas lost is the word that comes to mind. A Tough Stance is what should be forthcoming.IT IS HIGH TIME

  2. Adhere to what is said in here !

  3. I fully agree with u...our judiciary system is such that it take ages to punish this criminals...and in the end this people r freed in Ghatkopar blast case..bcoz of lack of evidence...or like our Indian govt has to free two militant in Khandhar Indian airline hostage case. Yeah it is true many a time a innocent guy is also held by police as terrorist to get rid of pressure from govt. and media. Mayank likeu I beleive that if u see a guy with gun and killing people without reason then shoot him on sight rather then trying to capture him alive..bcoz to free him there will be another ransom and so on. These people r not human they r ruthless beast.
    I really feel sorry for all those innocent vitcm who r injured and the families who lost their loved ones in all the blast cases.

  4. This is a very disheartening event, a very discouraging act not only for Mumbai or India but also for the whole humanity. Terrorist used our loop holes as tools and succeeded in thier short term mission. Mere 20-25 terrorists have done so much damange. This damage is not only to the life, property and money but also of the faith, trust and confidence.

    The system fails every time. And on the top of it we never learn from past experiences. We are never ready for any abnormal stuation may it be heavy rainfall or terrorist attacks. It's not only with our country, system failed in US also and many other developed countries too. But they learned from those experiences. But as everybody says India is India... and so are Indians...

    And we are becoming insensitive to all this. Such type of events are a routine now in India. People remember such events & the loss for couple of days and then the life comes back to routine and proudly we call it the spirit of the city or the country. But fact is that we are going insesitive to such acts. And the route cause is lack of love all around. People don't love and hence so much corruption, so much killing.

    This event has once again disgraced humanity. And i really feel sorry for all - the victims, the police man, the innocent ones affected by this.

    This is high time now. Strong action needs to be taken this time. Govt. should do something like what Modi did in Gujarat. A strong action one time and peace then onwards!!!

  5. I agree 100% with you here. Our soft stance is turning on us. We are conveniently clinging to the old "turn the other cheek" philosophy and are getting slapped repeatedly. When is our Government going to wake up? I always hear "there were warnings of an impending threat". Why is it that nothing is done BEFORE these threats are carried out? Or is it that the people of this beautiful country have to take matters into their own hands? I hope it doesn't come to that but in closing I will say this - YES, SHOOT THE BLOODY COWARDS AND TO HELL WITH THE SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS ...THESE TERRORISTS AREN'T HUMAN SO DON'T DESERVE ANY TRIALS AND LEAST OF ALL MERCY! JAI HIND!