Friday, December 12, 2008

Advani backs govt's war on terror, assures NDA support - I say - Need of the Hour

Was reading article on time of India on Advani's Speech

Its good to see that at least at the point of National Security, the Political Foes are joining hands. At this juncture what is required is a joint effort by people from all walks of life. This can be possible only when the Political parties stand united and support each if NDA supports UPA on this, then post elections (due in second quarter of 2009), I am sure that UPA would also extend the same behavior.

One thing that all the political parties need to take into account and that is whatever is started and organized at this juncture MUST NOT BE ridiculed when another party comes to must not be thrown to Dust and Ashes......and efforts must be continued to strengthen the overall security cover

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  1. Same thoughts came to my mind too when I heard his speech on TV.