Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cricket Ties between India and Pakistan

India recently called off their tour to Pakistan in the wake of Mumbai Attacks. ICC also agreed that this is an acceptable non-compliance and hence would not call for any sanctions on BCCI. That's a comendable move from ICC.

But what next?

Should not Indian Cricketing organizations - IPL as Well as ICL , be banning the Pakistani Cricketers from featuring in both the versions of Twenty20?

I strongly opine that Indian Cricket fraternity should come forward and ask for such a ban / sanction so that till the Pakistani Government takes positive steps to curb terrorism and hands over the culprits to India, NO Pakistani cricket player should be allowed to feature in either IPL or ICL tournaments.

Who knows after some Javed one of the ex Pakistani Cricketer related to Dawood Inbrahim, how many more could be in the pipeline there to be supporting the extremist organizations and donating money to them. And mind it, the money earned from ICL and IPL is hell lot of mullah....

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