Friday, December 12, 2008

Govt should stop running to US for support: BJP...I say WHY????

Was just reading the article on Times of India quoting senior BJP leader Arun Shourie and was astonished as how can a party with that stature make a comment like this?? Or is it just to tantalize the thoughts of common man that UPA Government is too weak to tackle things on its own??

Either ways a really poor My take on this is -

When you know the pain area and when the medicine of the pain area is also known, then what is the harm in taking the medicine. Today Pakistan's economy is based mostly on the grants and aids from US and IMF and if that link can be severed with or can be tapped to achieve our objective, then i don't see any issue as such. As is Chanakya Neeti says that to tackle any situation there are four ways - साम (Cure), दाम (Money), दंड (Power) and भेद (Polity) Running to US is certainly part of the fourth way - Policty...what in Hindi would be referred as कूटनीति

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