Friday, September 26, 2008

Godhra fire was a conspiracy: Nanavati panel - Times of India

Well yet another topic that crept up after almost 6.5 years of the carnage and the riots. And what a sad incident and turn of events that the report of one judge establishes another as non-creditable. Incidentally it boiled down to ask ourselves and our conscious to believe which ever we may. The article can be found here

My two cents on the turn of events and the issue –

Two reports and two different results. One appointed by the opposition and one by the ruling party of that state, now specifically it gets interestingly interesting. Which report to believe and which to set out as rubbish??

If I read that one relied heavily on the SIT report and no other consequential or circumstantial evidence then well I have nothing to say about the report. Certainly Godhra Carnage was preplanned, but then what followed that left a the entire state burning reminds me of the scene in the movie Nayak where the chief minister for his vote bank let the stray incident ignite and burn the entire state.

In the movie vigil Reporter even recorded the voice and statement of the Chief Minister but ah that was a movie and in movie ideologies do happen, not in real. Certainly even in the movie if it were not have been the Anil Kapoor the hero, then certainly the truth would have been well somewhere in the grave.

Now with the two sets of reports, we would never be able to know the truth unless we decide to find it. But most of us would just sit back in our lounge chair, read the newspaper while having hot tea or coffee and talk about it for few days to forget it for the rest of Life.

It indeed is a shame not on the political parties or the politicians or the system, but us the citizens that we close our eyes and just hear what the words say to believe in them and accept as we hear them.

Godhra Carnage and Gujarat Riots will always be a thorn in the heart of true Indians, irrespective of which sect, caste, creed or religion they belong. We lost good number of our fellow citizens, but who cares, we need to support politicians and the political parties, as if for their absence our existence would jeopardize....

My deepest regards for the truth and I pray for the departed souls though so many years have passed by, but what I remember from my visit to the burning state and what I had witnessed there and how I had saved my own life along with a colleague of mine just for being a little proactive, would always be there in my mind and I would never be able to forget what I had witnessed and well had been able to avoid. When Yes the so called law enforcers were also mere spectators to let it happen…….

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suspected IM operatives arrested by Mumbai Police

Well yet again, as a habit to follow the news about terrorist activities and the various arrests, just read another article - Five Indian Mujahedeen men arrested by Mumbai Police, on

After reading the article and the comments by the various readers, my thoughts and analysis of the issue are –

Going by the turn of events that have unfolded in recent past after the various blasts, its indeed an achievement in itself that cops have claimed to have made the arrests. But after reading the story, having a look at the pictures and having read the comments, I tend to agree more with the readers who are raising the question on why the faces of arrested suspects covered? and should not Police uncover the faces for the Public? But when one sits down to think about the other face of the facts, well one would get the idea that they have been termed as Suspects and Suspects at times may not be the real catch. They might be guilty or they might not be, so may be for that reason the faces might have been covered. Only the cops would know the real story. We need to understand that the cops have to first establish that the Suspects are the real culprits before they are exposed to the Media and the Larger public. I am with the cops for this reason, if this is the reason to keep their faces covered.

On the contrary, if this is the case similar to the case of Fake Encounters and just to earn the laurels of media and public, then this would just not turn out to be the case of breaching the trust of public but cops would also lose face and creditability....

Whatever is the truth would prevail and only time would tell

Monday, September 22, 2008

Terrorists breeding most in riot-hit areas - An Opinion

Was reading yet another story "Terrorists breeding most in riot-hit areas" online at -

My opinion on this case is for the atrocities that are carried out by the security forces on the innocent people from the localities where the minorities live. The other day only I came across a report where cops raided a Maulvi's house in Andheri Area of Mumbai dragged him out and interrogated him for no reason per say. Certainly when they found out that he hails from a family well connected politically and the family of freedom fighters, the cops left in zify warning the respected Maulvi Saheb of dire consequences.

We all know how the Police network failed in Gujarat to trace the A'bad bomb suspects due to atrocities by them during Godhra Riots.

Well we need to understand that on one side Cops try to break the terrorist networks and nexus, but on the other side they engage themselves in arresting suspects without much evidence. There are cops who lay down their life for nation, but then there are cops who just seize on an opportunity or rather create an opportunity to be called Gallants.....

We need to infuse rationalism in the Security Forces and tell them to not react but be proactive to deal with situations.

Certainly the case as highlighted above would create a dislike or may be hatred (though hate is a strong word) among the youths and once this dislike and hate is nurtured its easy to brainwash them and make them turn anti-social....So I guess the speculation itself is hiding the answer within itself.

Yupp and one very valid point raised by one of the readers there - If we go by the logic as defined in the Article, then most of the Kashmiri Brahmins should have been terrorists by now, and most of the Christians in Orissa and Karnataka should be turning terrorists......But that ain't happening and that means that there has to be more sense to be infused to deal with the situations and to make them understand that they are always considered as part of mainstream and they need to walk with us hand in hand.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Readers' Opinion on - Nation Mourns Gallant Cop MC Sharma on Times of India Website

Was just reading the reader’s opinions on “Nation Mourns Gallant Cop MC Sharma” as published on -

I was really shocked and aggrieved and felt highly ashamed to have read the comments as posted there. It indeed is a shame and a pain.

It’s really atrocious to read the fanatic comments on a page that is dedicated for paying tribute to the Brave Son of Soil.

It’s really awful and out of taste to spark of a communal fury and ridiculous to say that its a Hindu or Muslim matter.

I have no two doubts about the sacrifice and bravery of Inspector Sharma, but don't we think this is one of the case that has come to the limelight when the nation is trying to gather its act against the coward act of mass bombing on the name of revenge??

Mind this, these bombings are causing death of the fellow country men and women irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

The way comments are being published and that carry words of communal distaste and words of Political favors makes me feel pity at poor sense of thoughts that prevail....

The page is not meant for spreading hatred, it intends to pass on the message and comments on the main story....

I would request one and all to stop commenting on communal bases. There is no connection between Inspector Sharma's martyrdom and the lack of unity among Hindu community.

Moreover please do not associate Vande Mataram with a specific Community, no that was not the intent when the national Song was written and also, if you know the true meaning of Vande Mataram, it denotes - Hail Mother and stands synonym for Hail India...... deepest Regards and Salute to the Departed Soul of Inspector Sharma may god support the courage and means to his immediate family and relatives to face the truth of life and make them believe that he indeed was the true son of soil, whose martyrdom would influence more and more to work towards Communal Harmony and fight against Terrorism.

Fear - What is it? A Feeling or a Reality.....

Just logged on to the Gtalk messenger and well saw the status message of one of my friend that read – “Is the fear of Death gr8r or the fear of face yet another Day ...!!!” My instant thoughts were –

  1. Fear of Death is not a fear, its just the fear to grace the feeling of ultimate truth.........
  2. Fear of facing tomorrow is also not a fear, it is the fear of uncertainty and unforeseen change that are constant things in our lives

But then these thoughts started going round in my brain and kept on raising further thoughts. The thoughts that made me think more and ultimately raised the question – “What is Fear?” Is the fear a feeling or something that is a reality?

Thinking on the grounds I decided to sit down and write this stuff, as when I write, my brain works better than just when I am thinking, as when I am just thinking the thoughts that prevail in the mind keep mingling with each other, whereas when I write I can see my thoughts as words and evaluate them accordingly. So while thinking and writing about What is Fear, I got my answer and identified that Fear is nothing but only a state of mind. Just like all other emotions – Happiness, Sadness, Love, Hate etc.

Fear rises in our mind and most of the times this can be attributed to –

  1. Uncertainty of situations and circumstances
  2. Knowledge about unwelcomed changes
  3. Non acceptance of truth
  4. Imagination of non-existent as reality
  5. Non acceptance of reality
  6. Non performance
  7. Going against the conscience
  8. Going against the norms
  9. Disobeying the principles of life

Many more may be added to the list above or many might differ with my view point of stating the above. But Certainly one thing that Fear is nothing but a state of mind that could be changed and this could certain be worked away if we definitely work towards believing is fear is nothing but just our belief that may be right or wrong……

If the fear is related to uncertainty or change, then we can definitely shrug it off because Uncertainty and Change are the only two things that are always constant in our lives…..Fear itself is uncertain and is definitely not constant for change in circumstances and situations changes out state of mind and the level of fear.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Khudos - Inspector Mohan Chandra Sharma - Delhi Police

The death of Daredevil Inspector Shri Mohan Chandra Sharma, from Special Cell – Delhi Police, we have lost a brave son of the soil who was always committed to his job and hardly was scene on the Social Circuits. With his death certainly the country has lost one of its Brave sons, and I bow down in front of his Bravado. As known he was a truly Polite, Obedient, Loyal, Intelligent, Courageous and Efficient (POLICE in short). Even after knowing the danger prevailing, he went without any protection covering and successfully led the operation until he was shot in the stomach. The same injury along with couple other on leg and arm proved too fatal for him to survive.

It’s a situation to grieve and stand for the aggrieved family and specifically when Late Mohan Chandra Sharma had to choose between his commitments to the country and tend to his ailing child in the ICU, He Chose to report on Duty. Certainly this proves his Loyalty and his Commitment to his Duty.

I heard the news of his martyrdom on the News Channel and still when I was writing this the news channels were airing the news of his martyrdom and him as a person out of his job.

I was really astonished that the media ultimately has moved a step positive towards highlighting the Bravado of the Cops and they had words of Praise for the Brave Son though posthumously.

I would salute to the Great Soul of Late Mohan Chandra Sharma for achieving his in hand task of tackling the Terrorists, Saving grace of the Police Department by successfully executing the task and though post his death, the media now is standing on the side of the Security Teams and airing about their brave acts rather than airing the protests against them and portraying the negative image of the policemen in general.

Khudos to Late Mohan Chandra Sharma…..

श्री मोहन चन्द्र शर्मा को शत शत नमन....

उनकी कर्तव्यपरायन्ता को शत शत नमन........

उनकी वीरता, त्याग एवं बलिदान को शत शत नमन

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dead Relations - Bury them to move on

Relations often get us tangled

Tangled in the web of to do or not

Tangled in the web of dilemma

Tangled in the web of good or bad

Relations often die for load of expectations

Expectations of families

Expectations of friends and peers

Expectations of the parties involved

Now when we are tangled in the Dead relations

What should we do

As we can’t carry the load on our back


We can’t move ahead with the load on

Though its better said then done

But, we got to do it more often

Bury the mummies of dead relations

Torch the remains of them

And Move forward

Thoughts and memories are something

Those are hard to forget

But then memories get buried on their own

And hurt less than a dead relation

So it’s better to bury the dead relation

And move on with life to life

With memories

Good or Bad they may be