Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evils of Ragging - Death of Amann Kachroo

Amann Kachroo the 6'1" tall young and strong boy succumbed to injuries after he was beaten to death by his seniors.  The Young Lad was trying to protect his fellow batch mates when his seniors charged him with lathis (Wooden Sticks) and the blows damaged his ear drum and the brain.  The forensic report identified the cause of death as "Brain Haemorrhage".

Does that sound horryfying, well it indeed is.  As per the news on Times of India site on the link above, the four culprits have been arrested and have now been charged with IPC-302 with a charge of Murder, the earlier was IPC-304 for Culpable Homicide.  Somehow this could ring bells of doubt that the change of guard by Police could well be a ploy to get the culprits off the hook, yeah certainly as the death penalty is not awarded just on the basis of circumstantial evidences.  Witnesses, they could well be bought or threatened of evil events. 

Though I trust the Indian Judiciray and have rull respect on the judicial system, but it is the external factors as mentioned above that could lead to lineancy towards the culprits due to lack of evidences and lack of witnesses.  I would say in this case, the whole community must come ahead and press up a movement to ensure that the Culprits are charged with Both IPC-304 as well as IPC-302.  The punishment in this case must not be any less than Life Imprisonment for them at the minimum.

Raggings often have been a pain for the student fraternity and a severe punishment must be pressed this time on to ensure that it sets a precedence in the right manner to deter other students to resort to such henious acts.  

The family members of Amann are going to conduct a Candle Vigil and I would call in support for them.  The support needs to be not just for being present but for ensuring that a Memo for Signature campaign can be signed and forwarded across to the HP government and a regular followup is done to press the dual Charges of Murder and Culpable Homicide.  This is also the time for the student fraternity to rise and extedn support to the cause and for their better future so that this sort of incidences are never repeated again.

I would request you all to extend your support by forwarding this post to as many as you can.  Call for your support on my blogpost, (please post your comments on my post)

My blog would be actively monitored for all the supporting comments and suggestions from all of you and the faamily of Amann would get more support in form of your comments.  This also would be used as one of the instruments to put pressure on the HP Government and the Police.



PS - There is one more way to ensure that the cuprits are brought to justice.  A case may be filed against those who were the witnesses and they try to chicken out of their responsibility.  This can be done by pressing a charge on them of hiding the truth which is also a crime as per the IPC.  Remember - "Committing a crime and being witness not supporting is equally chargable"


  1. Mayank,

    Aman Satya Kachroo's death must not be forgotten and nor should he have died in vain. He died trying to save his fellow batchmates. The college did NOTHING to stave off these bullies who were supposedly being trained to "save lives", despite repeated complaints. The principle claims he knew nothing of the ragging! Oh really now? What kind of a principle does not know what is going on in the institution he is supposed to be running? And where the hell was the warden? Aman's family asked the other freshmen about this and they all said they had never seen the warden come in to check on their well being. How do I know this? I AM a member of Aman's family! Isn't the college responsible for the well being of their students? As far as I am concerned, it is not just the students who killed Aman. The principle, the warden, the chowkidar, the management of that damn college is also responsible and therefore they should ALL be punished in the most severe way possible!

  2. The school needs to take responsibility for what happened, because when families send their children away to school it is with the understanding that they will be safe at school. They believe that this place will be their child's second home. Obviously this school did not keep with their end of the bargain. This crime can not go with out punishment to all who are guilty.

  3. There is no argument about it; the faculty of that "college" are as responsible for what has happened to my cousin as those four wretched excuses for human beings.

    FACT: The principal DID know what was going on.

    FACT: The guard did not do his job. Either he was bribed or he simply cowered away, which means he, a trained and employed guard had less courage than Aman, who was not a trained fighter but none the less stood up for his peers!

    FACT: The college tried to dodge responsibility for the incident, and even deliberately LIED ABOUT ITS NATURE, saying it was a suicide!
    FACT: The college authorities waited for almost TWENTY FOUR HOURS before calling the police.

  4. i deeply feel sorry for Amann family. a kid who went to med school to save lives was killed by his own seniors who are training to be future doctors as well, this is shamefull.
    these 4 guys need to be punished with murder charges so that every youngster learns a lesson and no other innocent amann has to die. we need to bring in a revolution so that in future none of our children, brother, sister and other family members have to suffer.

  5. Dear Mayank,

    Your absolutely right, a petition must be signed not only against punishing the accused, but also against the principal, who despite of being informed took no action. You have my complete uspport interms of conducting a candle vigil or signing a petition.

    It would be very kind of you, if you could please inform us on the same through the groups created on facebook.
    Thank you,


  6. Close down the fucking college.

    Line up the four bastards and shoot them in their fucking heads.

  7. Why only students, the humanity has to wake up and stop this bloody-ragging. Students go to colleges to get educated and not to do goondagardi or rag juniors. Even the parents of these 4 kids should be named so that the society also identifies the shameful parents for lack of good up-bringing.

  8. Amans death is the death of the entire youth!!...all those people who ignored the torture and ragging which aman went through..should be caught and burnt alive first!..the warden..the principal..the security ..the police..the entire system is fucked up!!.tomorrow it can happen to any one of us!...its we who has to bring the reforms..because its we who choose our leaders to fuck up our social lives!..its high time we open our eyes!..

  9. Dear Readers,

    Its a sincere request to avoid using abusive language as we are trying to use these comments to support our cause. In case you use abusive language, we will not be able to use your comments for the cause we all are standing here

  10. I feel so bad for the bereaved parents -
    No words of consolation and condolence, no amount of sympathy and support will do their loss good...
    Our country has been consumed by this utter evil of complete lack and disrespect for the value of human life.
    I write this with so much pain in my heart. Even though i meter met or saw or even heard of Amann before the cruel twist of destiny, i can somehow feel so strongly a grief and sorrow , but what which is at once so infinitely lesser than of those whom he is survived by. I pray for all whose Amann no longer lives.

  11. Mayank, I am posting a comment here in response to a comment made on another article regarding Aman's death. The person was apparently trying to be objective and analytical in his observation, but I totally disagree with his opinion. Therefore, here is what I said:

    I have NEVER believed in anyone using alcohol as an excuse to even misbehave, let alone commit a cold blooded murder! This was ragging, yes. But no one can convince me that his death was not intended, because Aman had complained about the abuse these 4 had been inflicting upon the freshers. The freshers have admitted that Aman was always trying to save them from the brutal beatings which led the seniors to single him out and beat him to death. Drunk or not, this was murder and though we have lost Aman, and nothing will bring him back, we also want justice. Mind you, I also hold the college authorities responsible. There is no excuse for the negligence they have displayed. Imagine the horror when the family found him just laying on a cot - he'd been dead for 8 hours and he wasn't even placed on ice!!! The college authorities did not inform the family that Aman had collapsed. They did not inform them of the death either! A friend of his did. I am his Aunt (Masi) and believe me, I have NO feelings of sympathy whatsoever (drunk, angry, whatever...) for those 4 and will not give them the benefit of the doubt no matter what anyone says. To me, they are and will always be the murders of my son! You might say I am unable to be objective because Aman is my blood. Perhaps...because we always think of these incidents as something that only happens to others. We only realize how grave the situation is when it happens to us. So no, I will not accept the theory that "something takes over you, and later you wonder what it was". If the perpetrators can't 'control' themselves, should they be allowed to become doctors? Should they even be allowed to roam free? If they are capable of "losing control" with one of their peers, what do YOU think they'd do to someone they don't know. I shudder at the very thought!

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  13. I would like to express my heartfelt sorrow over what has happened. Due to the happening of such a case, me and my friends, who call ourselves the 22% IX-D Producers, have made a film dedicated to Amann which portrays the evils of ragging in India. I feel that anyone who believes what has happened to Amann is wrong should watch it. The official website is

    When Amann said, "My death will bring about a change...", he was RIGHT. Let's all rise up and fight RAGGING.