Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fall out of Devil and Angels - Devil's Pain

It’s an old saying – How much ever you try to teach them, Devils will always be Devils, uncivilized and ill mannered. This once again was highlighted by the turn of events and the final outcome in this case.

Devil as is known to be at places all the times roaming around like a nomad with own agenda and own way to life, once again was headed to the place where his Angel friends lived. Oh, yes it indeed is a matter of irony that the Devil had Angel friends, may be because Devil was Angel sometime, or may be Devil is Angel wearing a mask. Anyways coming back to the story, Devil reached that land where the Angel friends lived and was taken aback with a surprise for in waiting. Surely the Angel friends knew of Devil’s arrival plan, and the one of them a Cute and Sweet Angel was there to receive Devil.

The Cute and Sweet Angel whom Devil loved, loved for the Angel is a sweetheart. The Cute and Sweet Angel and Devil headed to Devil’s Den, where they spoke and spoke in length about the lost time. Devil who wanted to confess love to Cute and Sweet Angel was so much awestruck all the time that the motive to confess was lost. Devil lost the courage and the words to confess his love and erred to kiss the Cute and Sweet Angel instead in the Devilish way. The Angel was shocked and the anguish that followed was expected. But the Cute and Sweet Angel also required to understand that Devil was no way sophisticated. Devils have their own way to express their love and at times it tends to be very close to lust.

Devil realized the mistake but Devil being Devil was out of words and was out of any explanation beyond realization of his mistake. Devil was ashamed of what happened. But then what followed Shattered the chain of thoughts of Devil. The Cute and Sweet Angel blasted Devil for the Kissing Incident, Devil apologized, but didn’t have courage to confess his love. The Cute and Sweet Angel was too agonized and was joined in by the Handsome Angel who was common friend. The Cute and Sweet Angel and the Handsome Angel grilled Devil for the motive behind the act. Devil was already shattered with the way the Angels were questioning and cornering up. Devil was out of speech, loss of words and lost in the shattered and broken thoughts. Devil was in pain already for loss of love and the pain was coupled with the intrusion of a third party friend of the Angels. That broke the chain of trust and Devil could see the love lost in the bloodbath from the wounds of words. The words pierced through Devil’s heart and soul like arrows, they shattered the castle of feelings like house of cards.

Devil was not hurt for the way the Cute and Sweet Angel and the Handsome Angel blasted and were grilling but for the presence of unknown spectator in the entire episode. Devil was to accept and confess love for Cute and Sweet Angel, but the Words from the Unknown hit the deck of Devil’s mind recalling the Devilish ways back.

Devil is back to the Solitude of Life with the absence of Angels causing that niche and void in life.

The fallout of friends is something that hurts the Devil, but the hurt and anguish from the follow through scene of Kissing Incident has Shattered the thoughts of Devil to the extent that Devil will never head back to meet Angels.

Devils are Devils and they need to be tended carefully. Devils can be friends of Angels, but for Angels they always would be outcastes, Devils would go their way out for Angels, but Angels would treat them like a fly in milk, throw them for spoiling the taste. But Devils are Devils, uncivilized and unsophisticated.

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