Saturday, October 24, 2009

Govt's facelift plan leaves Pushkar without a lake

Times of India article on the Good Intentions of Government resulting in almost a Disaster...Yeah that is what I would term it as.

It is almost like a nightmare to imagine Pushkar Lake Without Water. I have my own memories of taking a Dip in that Lake every time I have visited Pushkar. I certainly was shocked to read the article on Times of India. I was slated to be in Pushkar this time around, but could not, may be the Lord Brahma residing in Pushkar didn't want me to be the witness of Disaster that the Administration Work inflicted.

Seems the over ambitious project did not take into account the amount of protection the silt provides for Water to stay in the Ponds. Seems the over enthusiastic administration forgot to study the ill effects of desilting beyond a specific limit. Generally the level of ground water and the rainfall is supposed to maintain the balance for the level of water in the Ponds and Lakes. However it so seems that the level of ground water is not sufficient enough to let the pond hold the water and there we see the lake all dried up.

What has government and administration now to say and explain the situation?? Hope they do not say what has been discussed here as that would be a lame excuse of a blunder!!!

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