Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What Vir Sanghvi proposed is instead something that would be very practical way to handle the issues with Air India, something that would be considered a drastic step by the babus and the staff too. The netas and the babus have certainly initiated in the downgrading of the Once Maharaja, but I would bring it down to the Staff who has lost itself to the babudom and netagiri to get accustomed to the shades and music of those netas and babus. Yes the downfall of Air India is not just the act of netas and babus, but also to be blamed is the Staff.

The mail below as a reply to the article that has been forwarded expresses the views of another Learned Indian. But, again is that going to help in a Mass Civil Movement, i guess not because We the Indians have become too lazy and in a way suppressed class of breed of human beings to even raise our hand to say "Aye I Agree to the change that is required". Most of us would read these mails, consider them as a forwards and simply move them to the trash folder. The maximum they would do is forward to other friends, talk it over the phone saying "Shame on the Government" or "Shame on AI Management" or similar other stuff and then go have their Lunch / Dinner cares their own tummy and forget this stuff with a post meal burp / fart.

Yeah the issues like this are often spoken and then vented out from mind with a burp or fart and the issues die their death over a period of time for the load of burps and farts bury them deep unless someone like Vir writes again.

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 8:10 AM, <snipped> wrote:

How can you think of what Vir Sanghvi proposes, when there are the 'educated' elite leave aside the masses, who want to perpetuate a 'maa baap sarcar'?
At best they give the excuse by participating in the voting sham by casting their 'valuable' vote, more as a duty and responsibility in choosing the lesser of-the-evils.

Today afternoon Murli Deora was quite unabashed in saying, 'The Congress party will rule again in Maharashtra'. The operative word is 'rule'. What a feudal concept, when in a democracy, we the people are supposed to be the rulers.

With no party having the gumption to enact a constitution amendment mandating an unambiguous choice to a voter who does not approve of any of the rascals (besides the sons, grandsons, nephews and nieces of the same crooks) made to stand by all parties, it might just come to pass through a massive civil movement demanding just that, when you are again faced with the dismal turnout in today's elections.

At least, the media should have a radical re-think on their policy of having debates and columns on why the polity is faced with low voter turnout without injecting a fresh criteria in their discussions, that is this not a way of rejecting all candidates in the present scenario?

The Maharashtra (or the Central) government, after enacting a semi-Orwellian diktat of declaring the voting day a holiday, will still not wake up to the fact that there is systemic failure in the present election process, even if the overall voter turnout falls to 20%. Maybe 0% is what they are waiting for?


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