Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Save Trees - A campaign Request

Vaibhav's post Save Trees made me wonder on what the Save Tree Campaign is? Why the Save Tree Campaign is? and Why we want to save Trees? After a lot of pondering on the topic and then brain searching I established that it's the selfish nature we have that we want to Save trees. Certainly our selfishness. Then I got confused, where does selfishness come in as we have enough to survive through our life, its more of selflessness towards the coming generations.....

Though confused, but yes I am determined that we need to save trees, we need to save forests and we need to save the wild animals that have their habitat in the wild woods. You must be thinking WHY? Well lets go through the following points to answer this Why -

  1. Trees and forests are the source of clean air and most important is they are the source of oxygen that we thrive on.
  2. Trees are the source that help us conserve the fertile soil and the water
  3. Trees are the source of Food (don't we all love fruits?)
  4. Trees are the source of Fuel (Dry wood) (Fossil Fuel - Oil etc)
  5. Trees make forests that are habitat of the wild animals and these wild animals over ages would turn to be the source of Fossil Fuel for future generations (as is at the rate we are using the current resources, we would drain out all the oil in say next 100 or 200 years)
So Trees are certainly a lot helpful through the lifecycle and even after their lifecycle is over. Paper certainly is one product that we use, but using it in conservative manner is the crux to participate in the drive to save Trees and thus cascading down the effect till wild life. However, just being conservative in using the Paper would not solve the problem, if we are really concerned, we need to join the wave to plant a tree for every tree cut. That is we need to ensure that we set a target to plant one tree for say 50 sheets of paper, every pile of wood that we burn, every pile of wood we use in our furniture etc.

Do you want to join me in this initiative? Do you want to create a wave?????

So do I hear a Yes from you all who read this?

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