Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rediscovered Myself

In the last week or so I just happened to have some irregular sleep schedule. Not the late nights though, but the ones like sleeping at unusual time and waking up at some odd time.  Other than my work hrs, my whole routine just went for a toss.  Two days in the current week, I suddenly realized that my body has started getting on to its original routine and wow, what a shift.  I just thought over the happening in last week or so and realized that I started getting up at odd hours of 3:30 AM or 4:00 AM I mean anytime before 5 for that matter.  If I look back at my college and early job days, I used to always get up between 4:00 and 4:30 AM, carry out with my routine and then exercise and 2 hrs of Basket Ball practice, study and then off to School/college/work.  the same thing has been happening with me all this time, I used to wake up early, get to read some stuff that was much required, get on to my strict exercise regime and some basic Yoga, refreshing myself with my Stutis and off to work. 

The whole change in schedule has simply rejuvenated my energy levels and has helped me complete things that have been pending for say ages.

The crux of the whole stuff is, if I just would have been able to maintain the disciplined regime in my schedules, I guess things would have been taken care off in time and I would have been in much better a state of affairs aka not bothered with long list of things to do / pending things. I really thank my mind and body to talk to me and get me up to the speed.

My request to you - if you think your mind / body is trying to communicate to you listen to them....adjust to the schedule they are hinting at, and trust me you would Rediscover yourself....with raising energy levels

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