Friday, September 24, 2010

Nation's Case of Shame - Caste Based Reservations

I had been following the stories around CWG and well, I wouldn't take my time and waste your time to revisit them.  I guess just mentioning CWG would bring out the case for itself.  You would be thinking "so what am I going to write this time?" so read on how we the Indians have been acting in shameful ways and trying to Internationalize our Local issues.

and yeah if you want to relate to the whole story board below, please do read - "Now, bovine 'flood' to hit Delhi on Oct 3 - The Times of India".  The case where the Jat community in Haryana and Punjab are planning to use cattle to block the roads to Delhi and Cut the essential supplies.  They have even gone forward, procured tickets to the game venues to use the game venues as their protest stage and bring their vows to the international media. now is that not a shameful act??

So what is shameful in that right?  Wouldn't you feel ashamed is your kid starts taking issues at home to his school or around in the community? And what is it their plight and what are their demands?  Something that is the worst things that most of us around would like to see - "Reservation under OBC (other Backword Classes).

Reservations, something that was envisaged to bridge the gap between backward classes to the level normal citizen's case. Something that was planned for initial 20 years from the time India got Independence from British Rule.  But what has happened even after those 20 years got over?  The Ghost of Reservation still haunts us.  We saw a Big Mass movement in 1984 / 1985 time thanks to Mr. VP Singh then to have fueled it.  But now what is the need of reservations? nothing on the economic or community upliftment, it is more Politically Driven Case of Vote Bank.

Shouldn't government now take a straight forward step to Abolish the Caste Based Reservation Systems and draft something on Merit Based?  if they still want to go forward with supporting Classes who are economically not well, then the Reservations should be more based on Economical conditions of the Families... And the Government should know that this information can be well referred from the Census and the Income Tax records.

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