Friday, November 19, 2010

Kashmir - The (non)-Issue

Kashmir issue is something that is an issue made out to satisfy someone's ego. The issue has more to do with the Geo-Political revenge case rather than genuine actual claim of territory.

Those who are learned and who have their senses intact would know that Historically Kashmir was always part of the "Undivided India". However at the time of partition and Independence, the then "Hindu Ruler" of Kashmir decided to have Kashmir as a Sovereign State. The Political Leadership agreed to it. However, Pakistan could not accept it and went in to attack Kashmir and the insurgents tried to Capture over the Territory. It is then the Ruler of Kashmir sought help from India and annexed the territory to India with the creation of "Article 370". Certainly this didn't go down well with Pakistan and they tried their level best to get Kashmir.

As if this was not just the Case, the war of 1971 (when Bangladesh was liberated from Pakistan's regime) rubbed salt on Pakistan's ruling think tank's wounds. However, the issue of Kashmir actually picked up only after Pakistan's failed attempts of the "Khalistan Movement".

So, if we look at the entire history of Kashmir issue, the case is not the liberation of Kashmir or the upliftment of Muslims in Kashmir. So I guess, none of the Muslim Leaders have got any right to make statements that "Muslims around the World should support the Muslims in Kashmir" or any similar comment. They need to know the Historical Truth before making such Controversial statements. And Muslim Community across the world must note that "Such Leaders are unnecessarily Politicizing the Kashmir issue to Bake Their Own Bread." Before making such statements they need to look at the case of Migrant Muslims in Pakistan, who are treated as Second Grade Citizens and are referred to as "Muzahirs".

Kashmir was, is and will be part of Sovereign Indian Republic.


  1. It,s nice to read your thoughts......

    "Kashmir was, is and will be part of Sovereign Indian Republic."

    yes...certainly...BRO.....keep it up....your english expression is better than hindi........


  2. Thanks Geeta

    though when I write in Hindi (not poems) my expressions are equally good....just that when I write :)

  3. Is it that simple? I am trying to make a movie on the subject, of course a diluted commercial effort, and I realize that the deeper I get into it the more complex it becomes.

  4. Boski, If you want any help from me on the Subject, feel free to contact me....I will extend any sort of help on this front. Do read my next post on that is the extension of this post :)