Saturday, April 30, 2011


यादें गर खामोश कर जाती तो न होता ये दिल बेचैन
ना होते रूबरू इस कदर गम-ऐ-जिंदगी से
शामों तन्हाई ना करती इस कदर गुफ्तगूं
ना  होती जिंदगी में गहरी ज़ुत्सजु

वादे उनके यूँ बेसब्र ना कर जाते
गर बातों में उनकी शान-ऐ-वफ़ा ना होती
बातें उनकी जो आती है याद तुम्हें
साबित  कर जाती हैं ईमान उनका

कुछ थे वो मजबूर, कुछ थी उनकी मजबूरी
ना थे झूठे उनके वादे, ना थी खोखली उनकी बातें
कुछ गर ना कह गए होते वो तुमसे

यूँ खामोश ना होती तुम्हारी तन्हाई

शायद सुन न सके तुम कहीं उस दिल कि धडकन
ना सुन सके तुम उनके होठों कि थिरकन
दिल में जो उनके कसक उठी
वही यादें तुम्हें खामोश तन्हाई दे बैठी

उठ ऐ राहगुजर पहचान अक्स अपना जिंदगी के आईने में
संभाल अपने दिल को जिसमें है उठा यादों का सैलाब
ठहर, संभल और कर ध्यान उस खुदा का
जिंदगी में हर मोड पर जिसने तेरा साथ दिया

Thursday, April 28, 2011


मौसम  तो है वही पुराना लौट आई पुरवाई भी
ना जाने क्यूँ लगता है की हो तन्हाई और वो नहीं
सोचने पर हम मजबूर हुए, पूछा हमने खुदा से भी
समझ न सके ये दुरियाँ, यादों के साये में भी

इन्तहा लगती ये आरज़ू-ऐ-इश्क की है
कि आरज़ू की है ये जूत्सजू 
ये दिल डूबा किन गहरे जज्बातों में
कि दिल से गहरे जज़्बात हैं क्या

जुबां पे यूँ उतर दर्द सा है हैं शब्द भी कुछ सर्द से ही
आज  पुराना मौसम लौटा, लौट आई पुरवाई भी
मन में मेरे यूँ हलचल हुई, आँखें भी पथराई सी
हुआ कुछ एहसास यूँ की हो तन्हाई और वो नहीं

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Governor - Please do Read This for Texas

Sometimes, somethings just disturb me the way only those things can.  Just like the news that the Governor of Texas is reported to cut the cost on education system by some 9billion USD.  Though I am not at all affected by his decision, but since I spent considerable time in Texas out of the total time I have spent in US till date, I got alarmed and I was concerned.  I am like "What are we trying at??? and WHY??"

I would like to request to the Governor or anyone who could draw the attention of Respected Governor towards this post.  Please Please Please Dear Governor Sir, please draw your attention towards what I am writing down here.

I request Hon Governor Sir to kindly review the decision / consideration to cut the state budget by cutting expenses on education funding, in the wake of the consequence that might not have been considered for that matter?  Has the advisory group updated you that this might result in cutting down 20000+ direct or indirect jobs from the education system?  Does the advisory board provide you with an update that with the cutting down of cost and jobs, there might be a fall in the overall quality of education that might be delivered to the students which would mean a dropout or students at a premature stage leaving them helpless with lack of education.

Has the advisory board updated you that pre-mature dropout would mean a lack of skill resources in the job market leaving a huge gap in the demand and supply of skilled resources as required by the industry?

Please consider this that more the gap between demand and supply for skilled resources, more would be the cost of skilled labor and more would be the cost of training them for speciality jobs.  This would mean higher cost of end products raisning the inflation in economy and bringing down the growth rate for the economy.

It is better to incur cost at levels that result in overall growth of the society as well as the growth of economy of the nation.  If every state would follow the suite of our state, do you think United States would be able to stand where it is today "The Most Respected and the Most Powerful Nation?"  please reconsider cutting down the cost incurred in promoting education, for growth of the Nation and of our State, Texas what we proudly call as the Lone Star State.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare and Fight to Corruption

I had just been following the Fast Unto Death as started by Shri Anna Hazare and the developments thereof.  Its bizarre that people in support have started with Chain Fast or Relay Fast.  I mean you go all out to support Shri Anna Hazare, then work on the lines he has been trying to fight the government.  I mean his protest is against the corruption and for the Jan Lokpal Legislation that needs to be passed and enacted as a Regulation instituting the Office of Jan Lokpal.  

If I look at the Motive Behind Shri Hazare's movement, he want an end to corruption and what as a common man can we do to support him?  Certainly somewhere in the downstream of the corruption, we as the people of India are the main reason as well as the cause.  Its us the People of India who are ready to bribe the officials to get our work done or to skip penalties / fines that may be levied on us.  Its us the people of India who have been tolerating the corruptions as lower levels that has now come back to us as a BEHEMOTH.  

I have been hearing the news channels abuzz, following twitter world discussions and reading the online forums with regards to Fast by Shri Hazare, and all of them are just beating the same trumpet of support Shri Hazare.

I say Support by Actions and not just by imitating.  Move ahead and take a vow to never pay a single penny as bribe, reporting any such officer who demands bribe and report any such incident where misappropriation of funds is happening.  All these things start from the Grass root level and happen a lot around us.  the KARTA's slowly move ahead and become the chain in the bigger scams at bigger levels.  Just look around the history of any of the politician involved in the scams, and you would find that they started somewhere from our neighborhood.

I have had never paid a single penny as bribe, and vow to never do that in my life, Would you say Aye and Join me...then it would be the real support to Shri Hazare.  Chain Fast or Relay Fast is nothing but a please your own ego rather than the support.