Thursday, July 21, 2011

Few things to Ponder

The word love is something that is mostly one way traffic. Mostly we keep dwelling on the way the love bug biyes us and we are lost in the divine feeling. One thing that has remained unclear to most of the lovers is the fate of their love. Yes, they love someone but that someone is in love with someone else.
Strange feeling and specifically when one loves someone who had been the reason for one to believe in Love. Also, when one falls in the trap of love for someone knowing well that someone loves someone else, its the fault of the one to love someone and expectimg love in return. It must be well known that someone already loves someone else and the expectation has to go.
That is the destiny of love and qhen one sets out to kill the expectations, there is a lot of fight within self. The fight makes one behave erratic and wierd. The fight within one also spoils the surroundings and the relationship that is shared with the people around.
The best way to deal with the situation should be to turn passive, be invisible, preferrably move out from the habitat and shift to a newer place, be with new set of people and on the top plunge oneself in work or activities that occupy the mind displacimg the feeling of Love.
May be the last para might not soumd logical to people who firmly believe in love, but myself as a Non-believer in the wird and philosophy of Love, it seems to be the logical conclusion. But, one needs to bear in mind that all this DOES NOT in any way mean serve the ties or camraderie that is being shared.

Mayank Trivedi

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