Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Was She Playing? - Part IV

Continued from Part III - Was She Playing  

Tapan just sits in the corner looking around and sipping his mock-tail drink.  Few of his friends on the dance floor as well as around wave at him to join them either on the dance floor or on their side of the room, but he simply shrugs off the waving at them.  He just sits there and looks in the direction where Shivangi was dancing with her male partner.  As he looks in that direction, the music finishes and all the couples dancing on the floor clap at the completion of the dance round.  He sees Shivangi and her male partner engaging in some conversation and another girl joining them in their conversation.  He sees the girl and tries to recognize her.  He recalls - "Alisha!!! What the hell is she doing here?? how does she know Shivangi?? they never met each other to the best of my knowledge, then why the heck is she here??"  Tapan's mind simply starts working and shooting several questions to itself.  Tapan tries to relax but he just fails to get hold of his nerves.

As Tapan tries to gain his control back, his attention diverts from Shivangi and Alisha. He holds his head and closes his eyes to regain his composer.  While he was busy in getting himself back to the situation, he feels a hand tap on his shoulder. He opens his eyes and see Alisha standing next to him.  He greets her and gets up from his seat in the process.  Alisha immediately hugs him and tells him that she has a news for him.  But, before she could break the news, Shivangi and her male dance partner also arrive there and Shivangi first hugs Tapan and then introduces her male dance partner to Tapan.  Shivangi tells Tapan - "Tapan, this is...." Tapan cuts her off "Fiance?".

Before Shivangi could or her male dance partner could reply, Alisha hits Tapan hard on his arm and says - "Duffer, he is my fiance Rishabh and he is Shivangi's Boss.  He is the Managing Director of the company where Shivangi works. Damn I wanted to break this news to you, but you spoiled all the fun." As Alisha completes her statement, Tapan looks with a huge question mark towards her and then turns in Shivangi's direction.  But Shivangi was nowhere to be seen.  Tapan however greets Rishabh and congratulates him for getting a dream partner like Alisha.  Rishabh accepts the wishes and thanks Tapan.

Tapan looks around for Shivangi, his eyes trying to search her around the room, while he tells Alisha - "I guess I hurt Shivangi.  She had told me that she wants me to meet her Boy Friend and she wants to break the news to me before she tells anyone.  She invited me to her birthday party today to ensure that I meet her boyfriend and then she intended to declare it to the people on the floor.  But how dumb of me, I saw her dancing with Rishabh and thought he is her boyfriend.  I was though shocked to see you too around and was trying to find out your connection here.  I mean you never mentioned about Rishabh and you never mentioned about Shivangi.  I am not sure what's up with me.  Now I have hurt her on her birthday.  Not sure what to do next and how to make her feel better?"

Rishabh and Alisha give a stern look at Tapan while Alisha tells him - "Well Tapan, I am sure you are the dumbest person to not know who her boyfriend is.  She has never told us about her boyfriend neither did she ever tell us who he is.  But the way she used to always explain about the guy whom she was in love with and the ever perplexed facial expressions she used to detail out, now leaves no question with us.  What say Rishabh?" Rishabh nodes in affirmation and looks at Tapan telling him - "You surely broke my best buddy's heart today, you have hurt her the most.  She respects me as a professional as well as a person.  She considers me like her brother.  I am not sure how she would be feeling, but I sure am too furious to not have banged your nose."

Alisha interrupts and tells them -"Ok guys before you two pick up a fight and exchange few shots at each other, we need to first find Where the Heck is Shivangi?"

To be continued.......
Still thinking which way to take this story.......please suggest what do you think should be the end - Happy or Sad??

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