Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is the Religion of Terrorism?

I have been often hearing the usage of terms - "Islamic Terrorism", "Hindu Terrorism", "Saffron Terrorism", "Islamic Militancy", "Hindu Militant" and so on.  Media had been actually using these words along with the political powers to skim the curiosity of the readers / listeners.  However, usage of these terms really amazes me at the Creativity of the people in Media or in the Political party to have created such phrases / annotations.  I mean what are they trying to achieve with usage of such communal words??

I mean across the globe, it is quite common to listen various cases with reference to "Islamic Terrorism".  I have an strong objection to the usage of such term as it creates a Biased Hatred and Biased Communal Feelings towards the specific / targeted sect and religious followers.  Similarly in India the new terms Hindu Terrorism and Saffron Terrorism as coined are highly objectionable to be used. 

I am not sure why and how media behaves in such an irresponsible manner when it is supposed to be the fourth pillar of democracy and where it is supposed to be responsible representation of the Civil Society.  We can understand that the Political Parties as well as the Politicians may do this to create a Sympathy wave for themselves, but WHY MEDIA???  I don't think that Media gets anything special by the use of such phrases, unless they want to look at higher TRP / Ratings by using such Sensational Terms.

I guess, it is really important that the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judiciary to ensure that the Media is provided adequate guidance to NOT USE such terms as they do nothing good other than create Communal Hatred as well as Communal Tension and Unrest in the Society....

Yeah Media needs to Behave Responsible!!!!

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