Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Letter - from the Archieves

It's been sometime that I had written a scene for a movie, where I had noted down the angst and frustration of the Lead Actor.  This Scene dealt with the Lead Actress reading his last letter (yeah incidentally when I wrote this emails were not that popular).  Last as in, the Guy, who was Air Force Pilot, achieved Martyrdom in the 1999 Kargil War and he had written this letter when he was awaiting the Call of the Duty.

In actuality, the Movie never took off as there were too many controversial points (Factual) that were detailed in the movie and at the same time there were 2 movies already on the floor (for they went commercial and less research).  Anyways, I thought I would rather post that Letter here for the mass audience and let me know about their feelings. 

So read on - 
It has always been you and all about you right from the First Hug to the Last One.  You were never there for me from the first time we tried to kiss till the last time we tried to kiss.  If you remember the other day you had made a statement that I do not share anything with you and its just you who keeps sharing her things. So please note that it is you, who pushed me to the corners where I do not speak to anyone else but myself. It's not like that I do not talk to people, but whenever I tried to be up and close with you and speak about me, you  had just few words "Leave It", "Don't we have something better to talk" and "You and Your Sad Defense Talk"!!!!! Do you think a guy like me would ever like to speak out after he is treated like that?? If you think yes, then well you are totally wrong!!!!

I had very clearly told you that I do not trust people that easily, rather I do not trust people, but I trusted You.  I found that you would be there for me when I would need, but MY FAULT!!! I should not have let my defenses down to the level I did in your case and yes, if I am hurt and if I am feeling lonely that I hardly do, then its MY FAULT.

I have had enough set backs in life but I never let them take on me, but this time I am sure I am not going to let there be any set back for me.  I was very happy to be back the last time I was headed your way, though for a week. But where were you to support me?? No where, you were no where for me and you kept yourself away from me for various reasons.  Do you think I am an idiot to not understand that?? And please do note that I am not those types who "Forget and Forgive".

Each time you hurt me, you Hurt me to my core and that really throws me back to the state where I tend to get back in my shell.  But, if it were not for my love for you, I would have by now gone back in my shell and would have never surfaced back, be it for you or for anyone.

Anyways, I am not sure whether I would be there in the world when you would read this and I am not sure if I would be anymore there for you......I am just waiting the Call of My Duty for the operation Safed Sagar and I would not know if I would be able to return back to the base.  Any which ways, this is my last letter to you as I am not going to try anymore to know if you are there for me or not.

Signing off with a heart heart

Flying Officer Maheepal Singh Shaktawat

Incidentally the lead Actress was supposed to read this at the time when she was writing her First Ever Letter to Maheepal expressing her Love and Support and acknowledging that she had not ever been there to support him!!!!!

Strange it was the way it was done, and well, we could not get the movie on the floor for all the wrong reasons :(. But your comments on this particular scene would be great to note.....

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  1. it was really a painful note from officer Maheepal
    as it touched deep down to my heart. Thanxs sir for sharing it up as it was really a worth reading.