Sunday, October 23, 2011

Destiny - A Fight or A Game

It is pretty interesting to note that there are different perceptions and concepts for the way people think or perceive about their destiny.  There are few Brave hearts who claim to be fighting with the destiny and shaping their future, then there are a few who are God Fearing and take Destiny as part of the Script written by God or the Supreme Power and then there are mixed breeds,

However, when it comes to me, I though am a God fearing person, I still see a scope of my own methodical Acting in the Play written by God and the role assigned to me. Yeah, it does seem to be interesting, and it certainly is.  People often find my outlook to destiny as well as outlook to the way I look as Destiny as a Crazy outlook.  For me they might be crazy for that they don't know what they are looking at and what they are loosing.

I strongly and firmly believe that God might have written the Script and my role in the script, but that does not restrict me from improvising on the way I have to play my part as envisaged by God.  Nor the God is stopping me from doing that.  Yeah, Yeah I hear that scream coming from the back of the crowd that I am still acting as per the script of the God, but that scream itself is helping me know that I am standing taller than the rest of the actors on the stage during my part play.  You noticing me from the crowd of actors itself is the mark of respect for my existence and my methodical acting in God's Play.

I would say come on, stand in front of the God and tell him that you don't like the way your part is written by him. Stand tall and tell him that you want to run your life the way you want.  Tell yourself and tell the world that your future will be shaped as per your deeds today and as per your thought process today.  You going to defy God's script and make him write a better role for your part.  You gonna decide what happens next in your part of the story, rather than anyone else trying to overshadow your character.

I am not sure why should you be afraid of something and why should you be afraid of someone. No one in this world is more powerful than your mind and your soul.  You should not be intimidate by either someone or by the destiny.  You should not try and fight with your destiny, rather than play the game where you mould the destiny as per your wishes.

To close I would just say - कर तू अपनी करनी को इतना बुलंद ऐ बंदे, कि खुदा तुझसे पूछे - ऐ बंदे तेरी राजा क्या है?


  1. Simply said yet thought provoking... Life is a game you have been put into by God (as per me some intangible power).. How you play and win or lose it depends solely on your own outlook and strategy... :)

  2. I do not say how you play, the message that I want to convey is that your past has its reflection on your present and to the extent future.

    If you can control the impact of past on your present then certainly the future can be pretty much different than what you may be expecting due to the impact o past.

    And please if someone is going to say that's the destiny decided by God, my point would be - "Your God is Inside you, Force it to Change your Part to play in the Drama of Life and you can force the God by your Actions and Positive Thinking"

  3. past is a mere reflection... but yes it has learnings which may or may not drive your future... every microsecond as I type this is past... every word I say is past... so if one wants to make a future the trick is to bring it into your present and work backwards... I would say that the power lies in you... call it God or what you may but the script is here for u to face... play the game your way or its simply the highway!!