Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gliding Through the Rough Waters

It often happens with us that at times when the communication is the most important, we find ourselves in a fix. This fix could be because of various issues ranging from lack of thoughts, lack of feelings, hurt sentiments, ego issues and few other similar cases. The funniest part of all this is Specifically the ego that is the reason of our hurt and pain, but we do not acknowledge that and we do not want to budge.  This often leads us to situations where we find ourselves in secluded environment and where when we look around our own so called friend circle seems to be diminishing at a faster rate.  

Here the most important thing is to find the space for oneself in a fashion to gather ownself and identify the reason, acknowledge it and ensure that the solution to the impasse in oneself is thought of within ourselves.  We need to ensure that at such junctures in our life we keep our calm and ensure that we do not go with outburst on those who are not responsible for our issues that are driving us to the situation where we are at the verge of breaking.  

It is very important for us to maintain our composure in such situations as we often forget that our statements might hurt even the closest of our family / friends. Sometimes, if the situation at other end is also the same, there is a pretty strong chance of getting back the flakes and the relations might get into turmoil.  And when the relations get into rough waters, most of the delicate knots just open up to break the tie.  The breakage hurts more and results in us losing the confidence in ourselves to be able to trust anyone around.  

It is hence important for us to give due care to ensure that the weak and delicate ties are taken care of specifically during such tough times when we are ourselves losing the hope and trust in our own life. Who knows these weak ties might have the strength to help us glide through the toughest moments of our own lives.


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  2. Mirrored Sentiments... Although I believe Pain and Happiness are perspectives and are relative... Judgments are based on past experiences, and words carrying these certainly hurt... Love and Friendships are two emotions that connect people and should be kept far from EGO and close to Understanding, Trust, Respect and closest to the most misunderstood concept of SPACE. It most often happens that we show the worst of ourselves to those who we know care for us, love us no matter what... Believe me they don't mind a bit what u say cos they know that these outbursts r just shadows, not reflections of u... Those who don't understand r simply not worth lamenting upon!! THINK!!