Friday, December 9, 2011

UID Scheme and the Melodrama

UID Scheme, the pet project of the Prime Minister is in trouble again.  First news was not as shocking as the Second one. As per the first news, the Standing Committee on Finance rejected the National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010. The second News was much more disturbing where the concerns of Mr. P. Chidambaram were highlighted. Incidentally the Union Home Minister of India is not happy with the way the bio-metric data is being collected by the UID teams.

UID Scheme with a base cost of INR 17000 crore has already been in the process and has already issued approximately 6,000,000 cards and is adding more numbers by the day.  It is really a disheartening development for both the nation as well as the UID team.

Incidentally the concerns raised by the Standing Committee as well as the Home Minister are pretty similar in nature and revolve around the way bio-metric data is being collected and handled by the UID teams.  Additionally for us the citizens of India, it is another example of initiating the Scheme without adequate approvals from the Law enactment body of the country (The Parliament).  It is yet another area where the lack of Inter-department Communication is highlighted with Census of India also collecting the same set of Information as the UID Scheme.  Another area that highlights the Wastage of Funds collected by levying taxes on the hard earned money of the citizens.

I am not sure when will the government learn from its mistakes and start collaborating between various departments / ministries to ensure that the flow of information is transparent to the ublic.

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