Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Republic Day - 2012

The time I am writing this is the time when India is gearing up for celebration its 63rd Republic Day and completion of the Country to be the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India.  I wish all my fellow Citizens a Happy Republic Day and wish you all would gear towards ensuring that the Country remains Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic till eternity.

The reason I say that you all would be geared towards ensuring that the four basic principles of the existence of our country remain intact because of the following reasons -

  1. The Country is Sovereign from any external power, but we are still Slaves of Corruption.  Indeed we are the eternal slaves of Corruption.  Starting from a normal work at the Municipal Office to the Highest Levels of Governance, our country is a slave of Corruption.  We all complain about it, crib about it, but when the time comes for us to align to the practice of NOT paying Bribe, we simply look in other directions and pay the "under the table charges".  Shri Anna Hazare has started a movement, so we need to ensure that the Lamp of the Movement is always burning and the pressure on government is always there from the Citizens Charter to eradicate Corruption from the roots of our country.  Come Join me today to eradicate take a Vow to Never Bow in front of the Corruption.
  2. The Country is very much Socialist, but there is a lot of pressure from the Private Organizations and there are certain quarters of the Industrial India that want India to be moving towards Capitalist form.  Let's ensure that the Socialist face of India is always maintained as it helps ensure that there is all round development of the country with equal employment opportunity.  We need to ensure that the Country stands tall to its basic values to ensure that the Weak and Poor sections of the country are taken care of.  But again at this juncture we also need to ensure that the Caste Based Reservation system is Eradicated as this is nothing but more of a Political Agenda. The time when the Reservations were introduced, it was for initial period of 20 years to help those sections progress, but over the period of last 40 years, it has been used as a Vote Bank tool.
  3. The Country is certainly Secular "on papers", but deep in the mindset the Religious Fractions exist and they are pretty deep rooted in the Overall social existence of the Country.  The Politicians and the religious preachers all act in accordance to the "Divide and Rule" policy that the Britishers had introduced. Another point where we are still slaves and we need to ensure that the Country stands true to the Name Secular. On the Base ground we do not have issues with co-existence of the Religions and we celebrate all the festivals irrespective of the religious occasions.  We need to ensure that we maintain that mutual admiration, peace and harmony at all levels, irrespective of the situation and scenario.
  4. We are Democratic, yes indeed, but only to the point our politicians and bureaucrats get a free hand to do as they wish and fill their coffers to the brim.  The Democracy comes to a stand still or rather turns to Anarchy as soon as one raises a voice against the fault line in the system and challenges the system.  We as the Country need to ensure that along with the Movement to eradicate Corruption, we also address the fault lines in the system that would align the work culture of government organizations and ensure that discipline is inculcated in the overall  working environment at all levels.
The Country today needs its Citizens to join the wave for a faster Development Process and stand tall on the World Stage.  On one had the world sees us as a role model of the growth we have showcased, but on the other Hand the World also sees us as one of the Most Corrupt Nation.  We need to work towards eradicating the second tag and become a Role Model for Economic Growth, Governance Structure and Strong Fundamental Values.

Come Join me today to take the Vow to work towards Betterment of our Country's Image on the World Scenario.....

Happy Republic Day Once again.....

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Humans - Where are they disappearing?

    When we look around ourselves, we find that we are surrounded with Humanoids.  Only a few of them are humans whom you can trust and over the years it is increasingly becoming tough to distinguish between the Humans and Humanoids.  But, Yes the Humans do exist in this crowd of Humanoids.

    You might be wondering why am I using the word Humanoids because they are rogue, they are vague and they are someone who you might think to know, but in actuality you don't know them.  They are someone who would use you, just for their entertainment and would just think of you as a means or a medium or a commodity to make their ends meet.  Are you thinking I would rather use the word Pest, then NO, I don't want to use words that mean more than what I want to convey. The reason of Humanoids as my choice here is for the reason that such people around you show their Love, Compassion and their Interest in you and what you do and who you are, they try to please you and then at the end when their ends are met, they would just throw you out of their life as they throw the waste from their body.
    There actually are many varieties of Humanoids, some use you for Emotional support, some for Financial, some for Physical and  well then the Hybrid Humanoids. Here the most complex is the ones that use you for Emotional Support but are of Hybrid kinds. When you get comforted in their company and start trusting them, somewhere from their Background Comes the sound of a big thud and you realize - Holy Cow, what am I doing, whom was I trusting and what all I blurted out.  At that moment you feel totally miserable because by that time you would definitely have had entered into a sort of relationship with such at the least One person with whom you would have entered a platonic relationship and would have had physical relations.  Well it might happen and that's life of us the Human Beings. In such cases, the way out is really difficult as Such a Humanoid may actually become a PEST. (hope you would not understand why I didn't want to use the word pest earlier :) )

    Sometimes it happens that a Humanoid around you catches you on your weak point, gets up and close with you emotionally and physically, looks to get your support and then there when you start sharing your feelings with such a Humanoid, you get to hear from certain quarters that the Humanoid has really been complaining around of your "Double Standards".  Interesting?? huh!!! Well yeah telling you and telling the people around that though the Humanoid Loves you, you love someone else and when Humanoid wants to share time with you, you share stories of your Love with Humanoid.  Well, yeah that happens.  This is where I, in the second part of the previous paragraph said - "At that point you feel totally miserable".... Yes this is the point I was referring to there. 

    So, what should one do in case of getting stuck with a Humanoid?  I would suggest Play along, with Caution of Not to Blurt out your secrets.  This does not mean that you should let the other person use you whether Emotionally or Physically.  I understand it is very difficult to identify between Human and Humanoid, so I wouldn't call it your fault to fall in the trap.  What you should do in case you fall pray to such a Humanoid, is not to fight to come out of the web of the Humanoid, because it is like a spider web or say quick sand, more you try to come out of it more you get entangled in it>  It is advisable here to make cautious moves to slowly and steadily distance yourself from the Humanoid.  Please be Extra Cautious in case of the Emotional Humanoids as they may claim distress, depression and mental trauma because of your act and blame you for their misery.

    Few things to take care of when playing along with the Humanoids - 
    1. Don't Trust them on what they say as they say something and mean something
    2. Don't counter them right out, instead your gestures and expressions should be supportive and understanding
    3. Try to make them believe that you are with them and you would go all out to do anything for them. You need not do anything not even pick up a pebble. You can always highlight one or other genuine reason for your incapacitation.
    4. Gradually distance yourself from them with decreased communication and decreased communication channels with them
    5. Never in life discuss your personal matters with them post you identify them as Humanoid, else they may go extra-mile to exploit you and your situation
    Thoughts Above are mere thoughts of the Author and there is no connection to any living or dead. Anyone taking this post personal is advised not to do so as neither the author has any connection with you of that sorts nor you have any connection with the author.

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    चीत्कार - एक कल्पना

    विगत दिवसों में कुछ घटनाक्रम ऐसे हुए जिन्होंने मेरी अंतरात्मा को झंझोड कर रख दिया|  मैं एक पिता से मिला, यद्यपि उनका एक नाम भी है, किन्तु मेरे विचार में उनका नाम यहाँ उल्लेखित करना उचित नहीं होगा| एक पिता के रूप में मैंने उनको पहली बार देखा था; हालाँकि मैं उन्हें बरसों से जानता हूँ, किन्तु ऐसा पहली बार हुआ कि मैंने उनका पित्रत्वरूप देखा| बात यहीं समाप्त नहीं हुई, उनके पितृत्वरूप में मैंने उनके करुण, द्वेष एवं रोद्राव्तार देखे|

    करुण भाव उनका अपनी उस बेटी के लिए, जिसे वो गोद में खेला न सके| उनका अपना वो अंश जिसका बचपन वो देख ना सके| एक पिता जिसे भाग्यविधाता ने पिता तो बनाया पर उसके भाग्य में बेटी का पित्रप्रेम नहीं लिखा|  अगर इसमें करुण भाव नहीं है तो क्या है?  उनके करुण रूप को मैंने अपनी कुछ पंक्तियों में इस प्रकार प्रदर्शित किया है -

    भूत देखता हूँ जब मैं अपना
    कहीं कुछ कमी सी लगती है
    पाल पोस जिसे बड़ा करना था
    उसके बचपन के कमी सी लगती है
    नन्हे नन्हे उन क़दमों में
    बाल थाप की कमी सी लगती है
    एक पिता की गोद में
    बिटिया की कमी सी लगती है
    असमंजस में हूँ आज मैं
    कि क्या तुझको खोज पाउँगा
    तेरी पालकी न सही तो क्या
    तेरी डोली को कांधा दे पाउँगा||

    उनका द्वेष एवं रोद्र भाव मैंने उनके अपनी भूतपूर्व अर्धांगिनी के लिए देखे जो उनकी बेटी की माँ हैं| आज वो साथ क्यों नहीं हैं, उनके उस नासूर को तो मैंने छेड़ा नहीं, किन्तु द्वेष क्यों है ये मैं भली भांती समझ गया| उनका द्वेष है कि उस महिला ने उन्हें उनकी अपनी बिटिया से दूर रखा, उन्हें अपनी बिटिया के बचपन से दूर रखा|  उनके इन भावों को मैं कुछ इस प्रकार वर्णित करता हूँ -

    बहुत भाग्यशाली है तू
    कि मेरी बिटिया की है तू माँ
    यहाँ खड़ा मैं सोच रहा कि
    बिटिया में ही अटके हैं तेरे प्राण
    कसम ये खाता हूँ प्राण तेरे हर लूँगा
    अपनी बेटी को मैं तुझसे दूर कर दूंगा

    उनके इस स्वरुप को देख कर मुझे अचम्भा तो हुआ, कितु उससे अधिक मुझे ग्लानी हुई, कि जिस नारी को हम अनेको-अनेक रूप में पूजते हैं वो आज इस प्रकार का व्यवहार प्रदर्शित कर रही है| उस महिला से अधिक मुझे उसके मात-पिता की शिक्षा पर क्षोभ हो रहा है जो अपनी बेटी की गलतियों का ढांक उसके दुर्व्यवहार को बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं||

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Being Away - Status v/s Sending Updates

    I guess couple of days back I had updated my Facebook Status stating - "There are certain things that make us Insane and Facebook is one of them." and post that decided to take a break from visiting Facebook for some time, unknown to myself.  Declared it to friends and then have been away from Facebook, literally away, not checking the status updates or comments or anything that sorts.  I have simply moved to a world where I am not checking anything there be it messages or updates from the friends or new friend requests.. I am absolute zero on what is happening there on Facebook.

    I wouldn't deny that it did seem initially that I am missing something in my daily schedule, but then I settled the routine without being around on the Facebook.  However, today when I was wrote a poem, I thought of sharing it with my Facebook friends and while doing so, I also shared few of my other poems that I had worked on in last few days.  But again that was achieved without logging on to the Facebook and without visiting my Facebook page :)

    I just wanted to ensure that my friends do get an update about the posts they (might) like and that they might love to read.  But I am sure the way my friends are they would have thought that I visited Facebook page, hence thought let me write this post so that they get the update that I didn't visit Facebook page and I am still living in a world sans Facebook :))

    My message to all my Facebook Friends is that I am still away and whenever they see a link to my write-ups either on my regular blog or my poems, they should take it as a message from me to them about my well-being.  And yeah, they should also take it as a message that I wanted to share some literary work with them, as I am sure most of them are not subscribed to my blogs (or do not even know that the blogs exist :P).

    My Sharing of My Blog Posts is an act of sending updates while still being away from Facebook.....So if Shaits da, you read this one, please be notified that the BETS are still on :))

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Love v/s Lust

    Love and Lust, the two facets of life.  Love the way it presents itself, is more divine and Lust the way it appears if more devilish.  But is that true?  For me I don't think so, because Love in certain form leads to Lust or say, Love in certain forms is called Lust. 

    I guess you would be thinking as if I have gone crazy to write what I wrote above, but just evaluate it this way - Lust is more associated with Physiological needs and Physiological attractions than Psychological.  Love on the contrary is more of a Psychological need of human beings.  For instance when people say "Love at First Sight", they are more attracted towards the Physical Appearance of the person they think they are in love with.  Love in this case from my viewpoint is nothing but Lust, because what you loved is the Physical Body and not the Actual Personal or the Personnel Traits.

    People say Lust is animalistic and incidentally they at the same time make a comment "Making Love" when they actually mean sexual involvement.  Now, isn't that a form of Love associated with the Physiological need?  Yeah what is attached to it is the Lust.  Making Love or Having Sex are just two different way to refer to the same act and there is no difference, unless there are facets of tenderness, care and passion involved in it.  Without these three, Making Love is nothing but satisfying one's Lust.

    Love on the contrary is too broad and there is no limitation or boundary to the feeling of Love.  It can just transform from one kind to other but it never ends.  Love is simply a divine feeling that just increases for someone with good camaraderie and with whom you have a good "Chemistry".  The reason I used the word Chemistry is for the sole reason that when you find someone pleasing and someone really nice, your body reacts in a particular fashion to generate Hormones that increase your energy levels and that result in more positive attitude within yourself.  Love for that reason is divine as it increases the positive attitude than the negative and it keep you more healthy than not.

    Lust and Love both have their own place in our lives, but we need to keep them where they belong.  It does happen at times that Lust takes over Love and we later think that we did something wrong. Socially or morally it could be considered wrong, but we need to understand that Lust is integral part of our life and our Physiological needs.

    However, I am not suggesting that live for Lust :)) because Lust would not get you a Companion to lead your life, Love definitely would.  I say so because Love is also associated with Trust, Belief and Respect, which Lust might not even consider :)