Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Away - Status v/s Sending Updates

I guess couple of days back I had updated my Facebook Status stating - "There are certain things that make us Insane and Facebook is one of them." and post that decided to take a break from visiting Facebook for some time, unknown to myself.  Declared it to friends and then have been away from Facebook, literally away, not checking the status updates or comments or anything that sorts.  I have simply moved to a world where I am not checking anything there be it messages or updates from the friends or new friend requests.. I am absolute zero on what is happening there on Facebook.

I wouldn't deny that it did seem initially that I am missing something in my daily schedule, but then I settled the routine without being around on the Facebook.  However, today when I was wrote a poem, I thought of sharing it with my Facebook friends and while doing so, I also shared few of my other poems that I had worked on in last few days.  But again that was achieved without logging on to the Facebook and without visiting my Facebook page :)

I just wanted to ensure that my friends do get an update about the posts they (might) like and that they might love to read.  But I am sure the way my friends are they would have thought that I visited Facebook page, hence thought let me write this post so that they get the update that I didn't visit Facebook page and I am still living in a world sans Facebook :))

My message to all my Facebook Friends is that I am still away and whenever they see a link to my write-ups either on my regular blog or my poems, they should take it as a message from me to them about my well-being.  And yeah, they should also take it as a message that I wanted to share some literary work with them, as I am sure most of them are not subscribed to my blogs (or do not even know that the blogs exist :P).

My Sharing of My Blog Posts is an act of sending updates while still being away from Facebook.....So if Shaits da, you read this one, please be notified that the BETS are still on :))

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