Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Republic Day - 2012

The time I am writing this is the time when India is gearing up for celebration its 63rd Republic Day and completion of the Country to be the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India.  I wish all my fellow Citizens a Happy Republic Day and wish you all would gear towards ensuring that the Country remains Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic till eternity.

The reason I say that you all would be geared towards ensuring that the four basic principles of the existence of our country remain intact because of the following reasons -

  1. The Country is Sovereign from any external power, but we are still Slaves of Corruption.  Indeed we are the eternal slaves of Corruption.  Starting from a normal work at the Municipal Office to the Highest Levels of Governance, our country is a slave of Corruption.  We all complain about it, crib about it, but when the time comes for us to align to the practice of NOT paying Bribe, we simply look in other directions and pay the "under the table charges".  Shri Anna Hazare has started a movement, so we need to ensure that the Lamp of the Movement is always burning and the pressure on government is always there from the Citizens Charter to eradicate Corruption from the roots of our country.  Come Join me today to eradicate take a Vow to Never Bow in front of the Corruption.
  2. The Country is very much Socialist, but there is a lot of pressure from the Private Organizations and there are certain quarters of the Industrial India that want India to be moving towards Capitalist form.  Let's ensure that the Socialist face of India is always maintained as it helps ensure that there is all round development of the country with equal employment opportunity.  We need to ensure that the Country stands tall to its basic values to ensure that the Weak and Poor sections of the country are taken care of.  But again at this juncture we also need to ensure that the Caste Based Reservation system is Eradicated as this is nothing but more of a Political Agenda. The time when the Reservations were introduced, it was for initial period of 20 years to help those sections progress, but over the period of last 40 years, it has been used as a Vote Bank tool.
  3. The Country is certainly Secular "on papers", but deep in the mindset the Religious Fractions exist and they are pretty deep rooted in the Overall social existence of the Country.  The Politicians and the religious preachers all act in accordance to the "Divide and Rule" policy that the Britishers had introduced. Another point where we are still slaves and we need to ensure that the Country stands true to the Name Secular. On the Base ground we do not have issues with co-existence of the Religions and we celebrate all the festivals irrespective of the religious occasions.  We need to ensure that we maintain that mutual admiration, peace and harmony at all levels, irrespective of the situation and scenario.
  4. We are Democratic, yes indeed, but only to the point our politicians and bureaucrats get a free hand to do as they wish and fill their coffers to the brim.  The Democracy comes to a stand still or rather turns to Anarchy as soon as one raises a voice against the fault line in the system and challenges the system.  We as the Country need to ensure that along with the Movement to eradicate Corruption, we also address the fault lines in the system that would align the work culture of government organizations and ensure that discipline is inculcated in the overall  working environment at all levels.
The Country today needs its Citizens to join the wave for a faster Development Process and stand tall on the World Stage.  On one had the world sees us as a role model of the growth we have showcased, but on the other Hand the World also sees us as one of the Most Corrupt Nation.  We need to work towards eradicating the second tag and become a Role Model for Economic Growth, Governance Structure and Strong Fundamental Values.

Come Join me today to take the Vow to work towards Betterment of our Country's Image on the World Scenario.....

Happy Republic Day Once again.....

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